Dental Treatment - Galatadent Istanbul (2023)

Dental Treatment - Galatadent Istanbul (1)

Dental Treatment in Turkey

Every year, millions of people from many countries of the world prefer Turkey for dental treatment.

Technological advancements have been fantastic for dentistry. Patients no longer have to wait weeks to get their new teeth at Galatadent Istanbul

The draw of digital dentistry is that the patients could be able to get brand new teeth in Turkey within six full business days.

Galatadent Istanbul have built their own laboratory complete with fully-equipped digital dentistry system equipment. The two companies have their own design team, laboratory technicians, and CAD/CAM technicians in the clinic.

Everything goes through digitised systems. Here, Dr. Büşra Şengül walks you through what to expect.

1. Consultation2. Preparation3. Rehearsal4. New teeth5. Final Check-up

Consultation is the beginning of dental treatment. We listen to our patients’ requests for their dream new teeth. The head dentist checks the X-ray and 3D X-ray of the patient to match the wishes of the patient.

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VIP Transfer

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Implants & Zirconium Crowns

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Hotel With Breakfast

Dental Treatment - Galatadent Istanbul (5)

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All Medications & Nurse Care

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X-Rays & Scans

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Root & Canal Treatments

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Digital Smile Design

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24/7 Support

What Did They Say About us

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Dental Treatment - Galatadent Istanbul (10)

I have planning to get my teeth done with Hollywood Smile for some time now. I have been looking for a good reliable place to get it done and I have seen Galatend’s advertising on Instagram in the UK. I have contacted their representative who is based out there and I was convinced with everything and the great price compared to other places. I have come to Istanbul and the doctor Busra did my inspection and created the treatment plan. Very nice brand-new clinic, very nice receptionist and hygienists. Doctor Busra has been absolutely amazing and very good doctor, sort out all my problems and did a great job. I am very happy and feeling much more confident now. Galatadent is the best and I will recommend everyone about them.

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Sanger Osman


Dental Treatment - Galatadent Istanbul (11)

We have come to Istanbul all the way from Australia and wated to get our teeth done. We have choosen Galatadent Istanbul and they are absolutely the best place to go for dental treatment anywhere in the world. The team is absolutely amazing, and they cannot get it wrong and they are totally lovely people, amazing team and service. Thank you very much to doctor Busra and her team. Will not hesitate to recommend them.

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Dental Treatment - Galatadent Istanbul (12)

We have come to Istanbul for our family holiday and came across Galatadent Istanbul towards the end of our holiday. We didn’t have much intention to get anything done at first and didn’t think we had time for it either. However, the doctor has given me and my son a free check-up and explained everything in details with a fantastic treatment plan and at amazing rates. We didn’t have to think twice and accepted it there and then. She has managed to make a miracle and transformed my dental health with a fantastic smile design, and all was done withing 3 days. Doctor Busra and her team has been amazing from start to finish and I cannot thank them enough. Galatadent Istanbul is the only place you should go for all your dental treatment needs and I can recommend to everyone. I will tell about them to all my friends and family back home and I am now smiling with confidence all the way back to Canada

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Dental Treatment - Galatadent Istanbul (13)

After speaking to Galatadent’s representative in the UK, I made my decision and came to Istanbul to get my teeth done. I had some gaps in my teeth that I was not happy with for a long time. I thought I was going to get the same teeth as everyone else like all joined up together etc and in fact that was the plan when I came and did my consultation and check up with Doctor Bushra, but when we did just that, it was a massive shock for me because originally I had a gap at the front and I have always had that and when it was gone, it was a big shock to me and I want happy about it really. Busra also has realised that and asked for my feedback immediately. She agreed and she knew exactly what I wanted and how wanted them to look. She worked hard to get the alterations done and she put the gap back in which was amazing, and I feel like I am going back home with my own smile and with much nicer teeth. So we personalised these teeth for me which totally amazing as Busra gone the extra mile to do what I wanted and what is actually suitable for the patient. I am so grateful and thank you so much to the team.

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Ashlie Woodward


Dental Treatment - Galatadent Istanbul (14)

I decided to get a check-up at Galatadent Clinic and spoke to doctor Busra. After her initial inspection she suggested I already have good teeth and all I would need is a good cleaning and have composite bonding only on the top six front teeth. The procedure was so good and relaxing, and it took about couple of hours and what a result. I was so happy and so pleased with the result and it look very natural, not artificial but just like my original teeth, natural and perfectly functional. Thank you so much Doctor Busra and the team, I will highly recommend their service and amazing results they achieve.

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Mike (Young)


Dental Treatment - Galatadent Istanbul (15)

I am really so happy that I found Galatadent. I had my teeth done with composite bonding method. I really like the clinic and the doctor Busra, they are superb, I highly recommend their clinic and service to everyone. Thank you so much to all of you.

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Aleksandra Boiçrshirova


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