Devry University Review 2023: Is it Good or Bad? (2023)

It is one of the most popular universities in the USA. They are offering many technology-related courses that will make your future bright. They have both classes online and in person on their campus. This university has many campuses in different states of the United States of America.

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Top 5 USA University For Higher Study!

There are many people that plan to take admitted to this university every year if you are one of those then this article is for you because it will guide you that how can you take admitted and whether your decision of taking admitted to this university is good or bad.

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History of the Devry University

The founder of Devry University is a very famous inventor. He invented many other things that evolved the motion picture industry. He was not only an inventor but also a pilot. The name of the founder of Devry University is Herman Devry.

The school was founded in 1931 nearly 90 years ago now and at that time the name of the university is not the Devry but deforest training school. The deforest training school was very famous for its technical knowledge in the 1950s.

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There were many times in history the name of Devry was changed and then in 2002 the name was changed to DeVry university which is the one we are reviewing today.

There is also a very interesting incident that happens at Devry University that their two teachers part their ways with Devry and made a school that was offering management programs. But this is just for less than 30 years and when in 2002 the name was changed to Devry University they merged the school into it.

If we look at the rough statistics then there are approximately 50 campuses of Devry University and there are more than 17000 students that are completing their education in their campuses or online courses.

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Now so, you know about this university very well and everything about them so, let’s see what are the pros and cons of this university so, you will be more clear about your decision that if you want to take admission to this university or not.

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Devry University programs Cost

Bachelors in Accounting$66750
Bachelors in Biomedical engineering technology$91651
Bachelors in Business administration$80586
Bachelors in communication$80568
Bachelors in computer engineering technology$78446
Bachelors in computer information systems$70006
Bachelors in Electronics engineering technology$78446
Bachelors in health care administration$69834
Bachelors in Information Technology and Networking$67950
Bachelors in Justice Administration$80568
Bachelors in Management$68978
Bachelors in multimedia design and development$67778
Bachelors in-network and communication management$70000
Bachelors in software development$67950
Bachelors in technical management$38000

Associate Degree programs Cost

Electronic and computer technology $40576
Health information technology$34000
Network systems in Administration$38518

There are also some certificate programs that this university is offering let’s see what are those university programs and what are their cost.

Certificate in medical billing and coding $18190
Certificate in health information coding$22000
Certificate in website design$20000
Certification in website development$21000


Technology Programs

Devry University Review 2023: Is it Good or Bad? (2)

If you have read the history of Devry University then you might know that is very closely related to technology because the founder of Devry University has many inventions in their buckets. That is why they have good programs in technology that they are offering to their students.

Devry has many technology programs for you whether you are planning to do a bachelor’s or master’s program they have some good things for you like software development, software information systems, and many other programs.

There were some people that were talking about the job ratio after graduating from the Devry university so, there is one thing you need to know and that is how you have learned the skill is important for your job, not your university. Your university might make you sit in front of the HR team but after that, you have to give an interview by yourself.

But we tried to contact the former students of Devry University to get their feedback and they are working in some well-reputed companies and earning a good amount of money.

So, if you are planning to take admission to some technology-related programs then that might be the best decision of your life and focus on the process of learning the skill because you will earn a handsome amount eventually after graduating from Devry University.

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Flexible classes

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The universities get very boring when you have to follow the same routine going to the campus to study and then going back and especially if you are busy it feels like you are under the burden that is forcing you to study or otherwise you will not have the degree.

In this atmosphere you will not get creative so, DeVry University has many flexible classes that make the students creative instead of the robots that do some things that are ordered for them to do.

The first thing is that if you have a busy schedule and you have taken admission to the degree program then don’t worry you can extend the length of the course or you can even shorter the course according to your comfort.

The other thing is they are offering online classes so, you can graduate remotely from wherever in America they offer you great courses in online degree programs. The benefit of online degree programs is that the cost of the degree reduce because you don’t need to pay the rent of the dorm, and your transport expenses are also eliminated so, the online degree is cheap than the normal one.

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These flexible programs are very friendly to people who have less budget or they are from those areas that are far away so, these online courses have made it easy for them to get a quality education.

Hybrid Classes

Devry University Review 2023: Is it Good or Bad? (4)

There is no doubt that online classes are very beneficial for the people who can’t come to the university because of various reasons but there are also some side effects of online classes the biggest side effect is that you can’t experience the benefits of on-campus training.

The first benefit of the on-campus training is that you built your self-esteem and can boost your communication skill that might not help you in the completion of your degree but it will surely affect when you are going for the interview for the job.

The hybrid classes are the number one facility of Devry University in these classes give the opportunity to be on campus and interact with some other batch mates of your same course.

This is not something that you have to do every other day but they have some specific days on which they call you to the university campus. Devry University has many campuses all around the USA so, if you are near Arizona, Florida, New York, or some other locations of the campus then you can join the class where you don’t need to come to the main campus for the classes.

If you are someone who wants to serve in the military in the future after graduating then the Devry university is the best option for you because there are many campuses that are on military bases and they took the students to serve in the military who are brilliant in their skills.

Transfer college credits

Devry University Review 2023: Is it Good or Bad? (5)

There are sometimes that means that when you have started a degree and then you have some personal issues or any other kind of issues because of which you cannot continue your study so, at that time in Devry University there will be no issue in transferring the funds to the other universities.

They have good regional accreditation in the systems that are suitable for you and they will transfer your credits to the other university or school where you are going to continue or start your course again.

In our view, if you say the one good thing about Devry University then we will say the facility to transfer funds because I have seen many people who were frustrated to transfer their funds to other universities when they have to transfer the funds.

There are many bodies that approve the accrediting bodies. There are different bodies for the accreditation of the business programs and for the technology programs the bodies are different but the programs of Devry University are approved by all the bodies.



Devry University Review 2023: Is it Good or Bad? (6)

The Devry university is made for profit earning so it is very expensive not like some expensive but it is way more expensive than the other universities in America. There are some benefits of this expensive degree and that is when you are graduated from Devry University you are the top priority of the employer.

Because they know that when you have such a big amount for education at a very good university then you will get a good job. All courses are not expensive you get the fees according to your program and courses that you are trying to get a degree in.

But there is no doubt that the university fees are very high and if you need to get to this university you have to pay a lot of amounts but if you do these programs in some other community universities then you will be graduated in $4000 but the fees are 10x to 20x more than community universities.

There are many financial aids that you can get from the government to study in this university and if you have a military background then the university also gives you some points.

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Traditional degrees

Devry University Review 2023: Is it Good or Bad? (7)

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There are some employers that don’t want to adopt the new culture of online degree programs. They did not find the people skillful because they studied at online school. This culture is changing day by day and employers have adopted new things.

Especially since we are going through the pandemic that has limited our life to our homes and jobs and education all things are now online and employers understand this that they need to change their culture. Many employers are now open for people with online degrees because of this Covid19.

Guess if the pandemic does not end in the next 4 years so, the employers have all the people that are studying for online degrees so what will they do that time?

This is the problem of our society if you are from an online school you are not good as compared to the students that have graduated from the on-campus classes this culture needs to end and the pandemic has helped us to fight this social stigma and in some time the online degrees would also have the equal value as the traditional degree.

These are the problems that the former student of Devry students have faced and then they sue the university for that because they are rejected from the job because of the online degrees. We will cover this lawsuit in our next heading in detail.

Lawsuits and Settlements

Devry University Review 2023: Is it Good or Bad? (8)

There is some news on Google that you have might see in searching of this university and that was because of the former students of this university. The university students claim about their ad that they have run to attract the students.

In that ad, they said that most of the students get a job within six months after graduating but there were 39 students that were unemployed even after the year of graduating.

Unfortunately, they cannot convince the judge of their point and the judge dismissed their appeal. But there are some things that are not very good for Devry University and that was they have to refund the 173000 checks that are a very heavy amount of $49 million in settlement with the Federal trade commission for the misleading advertisement that they run to attract their students.

These are the something that has made the online degree program’s reputation bad because there are thousands of people who don’t afford traditional degrees and want to do the online degree programs but after reading this kind of news. This news might not have a good effect on the students and they might think to avoid online degrees.

Unhappy employers

Devry University Review 2023: Is it Good or Bad? (9)

Now when they are some complaints from employers that say their employees who graduated with online degrees suck and they need to give more time and resources to those employees than the one traditional degree.

Their concerns are right because in online degrees there are very few people that are attentive most of the people are watching videos and doing other stuff so, when you are not attentive in class you will get the degree but you don’t have the skills that your degree is saying.

That is why they have made it very difficult for employers to trust the online degree holders because if you were the employer and you have a bad experience with an online degree holder then you will never accept someone’s proposal that has an online degree even he has a good level of skills.

There are some people who have said that their salaries are good but they have a very boring job in the office opposite to what their degree says so, some employers have a bad experience with people and that makes the whole online education industry reputation zero.

Devry University Reviews

When you are going to take admission to Devry University then the first interaction with you might be with the university website. When you are on the website navigate to the reviews section and learn what people are saying about the university we will mention some overall of what people are saying about this university.

There were some former students that were complaining about the people who were saying that there are very less amount of people with online degrees that have got jobs within six months of their graduation.

There were some students that were complaining that if they have some odd jobs in their offices that are relevant to their degree background and they have no job security their employer can any time terminate them from their job.

There are also some very good reviews about Devry University. There were students that were jumping after getting the high-paying job within the month after their graduation and some others are working in some good reputable companies in some very good places.


The moral of the story is that the university is good for someone and bad for others ones so if you are going to plan in the study then try to search for the reviews from the former students of that course and then don’t believe one review try to get in contact from the people who have reviewed and ask tell them your condition and then after that make a decision.


How do employers view DeVry University?

The reputation of Devry University in technology-related courses and programs is very good and the employees want to work with the graduates of Devry University some employers don’t want the ones that are from the online degree programs but they prefer the ones with traditional degree programs. If we see the overall reviews on the website of Devry University then we found out that they were 46% of students recommend this university and 38% of people say that degree from Devry University helps them to grow in their careers.

what is DeVry University known for?

The most known reason for the Devry University is the owner of the Devry University who is a pilot and also has many technology patents in its bucket like the projector. They made the very first technology-related training schools in the 1950s. They are offering graduate and undergraduate programs in Accounting, Business, Healthcare, Technology, Liberal Arts, and Media Arts & Technology.

How do I drop out of DeVry University?

If you want to leave the program at Devry University for any personal reason or any other reason then you need to submit the withdrawal application to the academic administrator of the university or to the student’s services advisor and after that, they will review your application and there are many chances that your application will be reviewed.

Can you transfer credits from DeVry University?

Yes, there are many times when you are busy with personal stuff or your new job is not allowing you to continue your study in the same state then you need to move and the Devry university will transfer credits for you very easily. They will give you an official transcript of the credits that you can use in any other schools and accredited by all the bodies related to your programs.

What kind of college is DeVry?

Devry is the most popular college in America the one reason is because of its technology-related history and programs. They have a good amount of reviews on their website. It was founded in 1931 and from that it was one of the first technology-related training schools in America. The Devry is founded by Herman A. DeVry who is a very big inventor in America. He invented many things but the thing that revolutionized the motion picture industry was his motion picture projector.


These are some good and bad things that we have found at Devry University. If you are a person who is doing the job and want to get a degree in your skill then the Devry is one of the best ways to go to the Devry.

There are many flexible options that can go with the jobs and you don’t feel any kind of burden the other good thing is that if you are enrolled in the course but your speed is slow, you can extend the timing of your program like two years program you can do in three years and if you are in hurry then you can also do the two years program in one year it totally depends on you.

If you are someone who wants a degree and then earns a job then nowadays it is a good idea to go to the Devry university because nowadays all graduates would be from the online education system due to the pandemic and the employer don’t have many options.

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The most important thing if you want to do a degree at the Devry university then read the reviews specialty from the persons who are relevant to your field and then contact them by any source and confirm that if they stand with their review on the present day or not and then you have to make your decision successfully.


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