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We have been partnering with leading companies in the Knowledge Industries for over 25 years.

We invest in companies offering products which drive tangible and measurable outcomes. We are deeply engaged with our management team partners in creating long-term business value.

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Lincolnshire, IL


95% Group is a mission-driven organization focused on increasing student literacy levels through a product suite that helps educators identify and address the needs of struggling readers. Using an approach that is aligned with Structured Literacy, 95% Group focuses on providingeducators with whole-class and small group literacy solutions andfoundational knowledge about The Science of Reading to deliver evidence and research-based instructional strategies.

Boulder, Colorado


Amplifire is a leading provider of adaptive learning and assessment software to higher education institutions, publishers, test-preparation providers, certification associations and healthcare providers. Amplifire, is a fully hosted SaaS application that leverages scientific breakthroughs from the fields of cognitive psychology, neurobiology and game studies to deliver superior learning outcomes.

  • Helps learners acquire, retain and recall information faster and easier than traditional study methods
  • Provides unparalleled insights into a learner's quality of knowledge by assessing learner confidence and identifying knowledge gaps and misinformation

Boca Raton, Florida


Anthology is a leading provider of data driven software solutions that enable higher education institutions to manage the entire student lifecycle. Through a connected data experience that offers a holistic view, creates efficiences, and provides intelligence, Anthology inspires constituents to reach their full potential using technology insights in admission and enrollment management, student success and retention, institutional and learning effectiveness, alumni and advancement, and enterprise applications and infrastructure.

  • Offers 14 integrated SaaS software products, including student information system, constituent relationship management, enterprise resource planning, compliance, assessment, engagement and fundraising solutions
  • Serves over 2,100 higher education institutions with 13+ million students and 3+ million faculty
  • Caters to all higher education departments, including student and academic affairs, president's office, alumni advancement, admissions office, finance department, technology office, and institutional research
  • Operates in 34 countries

New York, NY


Archive360 is anenterprise information management and archiving company that enables organizations to securely manage their digital data in the cloud to satisfy regulatory, legal, security and business intelligence requirements. The software platform drives powerful workflows across records management, e-Discovery, communications, and data management along with reporting and analytics. The solution allows organizations to apply context around search, classification, security, retention, disposition and indexing of data, which enables its users to maintain full control over privacy, access, and compliance. Archive360 is a global company that delivers its solutions to organizations worldwide directly and through a network of partners.

Dallas, Texas


BARBRI is the premier provider of practical legal education in the U.S. and international markets. Through its diversified product offering, BARBRI addresses the education and training needs of law students, law schools, legal practitioners, legal support professionals and law firms. BARBRI's comprehensive solution offering spans the entire legal education lifecycle.

  • "Gold Standard" in Bar Review with universal brand recognition and leading market position
  • Highly effective preparation programs for incoming law school students
  • Leading curriculum and online course partner for law schools
  • Suite of professional development tools for practicing professionals
  • High-impact certification and training programs for lawyers and legal support professionals
  • Content and education programs for international students and institutions

Boca Raton, Florida


(Video) Jeffrey Leeds, President & Co-founder - Leeds Equity Partners

Campus Management is a leading provider of mission-critical software solutions that enable higher education institutions to manage the entire student lifecycle, from prospective student recruitment and admissions, to active student experience and administration, to graduation and alumni relations. The company supports domestic and international colleges and universities through three core software solutions.

  • Student Information System ("SIS") software: serves as system of academic record for an institution, managing and optimizing admissions, registration, financial aid, career placement and regulatory reporting workflows and processes
  • Constituent Relationship Managemnt ("CRM") software: marketing campaign and communication management solution that drives improved student recruiting, enrollment and retention outcomes
  • Finance, Human Resources and Payroll ("ERP") solutions: vertically-oriented higher education software that allows institutions to streamline interdepartmental processes, realize cost savings and dramatically improve operating efficiencies

Alpharetta, Georgia


CeriFi is a diversified education, training and certification provider serving firms and professionals across the financial services market. To-date, CeriFi has acquired eighthighly complementary companies, including, Dalton Education, Money Education, Keir Financial Education, Pass Perfect, the CFP Assets of LoneStar Financial Education, Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists, Bionic Turtle and CPMI. CeriFi's current product offering includes:

  • Certified Financial Planner ("CFP") education and exam preparation
  • Certfied Financial Analyst ("CFA") exam preparation
  • Financial Risk Management ("FRM") exam preparation
  • FINRA licensing exam preparation
  • Insurance pre-liscening and continuing education
  • Financial crime training and certification
  • Curriculum and reference materials for tax, investments and financial planning

Provo, Utah


Crucial Learning, formerly VitalSmarts, is a leading provider of communication, execution and leadership development training. The company's training solutions turn proven behavioral science principles into learnable, repeatable skills and enable enterprise clients to improve performance by addressing underlying employee behaviors. Crucial Learnings' core IP is based on bestselling books, including Crucial Conversations, Crucial Accountability, Influencer, Getting Things Done and The Power of Habit.

  • Crucial Conversations: teaches dialogue skills to reach organizational alignment, agreement on critical matters and drive performance cultures
  • Crucial Accountability: trains participants to apply problem-solving and decision-making best practices to properly set expectations and execute
  • Influencer: teaches leadership how to implement behavioral change and improvements
  • Getting Things Done: teaches individuals, teams and organizations systems to manage their focus and disparate commitments
  • The Power of Habit: trains participants to understand habits, including why they exist and how to change them to increase effectiveness

Englewood, Colorado


Datamark, renamed Helix Education,is the largest strategic marketing company focused on higher education. Helix Educationhelps colleges and universities thrive by maximizing enrollment growth through data-driven services and technologies across the post-traditional student lifecycle.

  • Increase enrollments and lower cost-per-starts with higher quality leads and proactive enrollment coaches who engage immediately with inquiries
  • Improve lead conversion by quickly and effectively converting more leads into starts
  • Increase student retention and elevate graduation rates with predictive retention technology and academic services

Buffalo, New York and Leawood, Kansas


Edcentric is the leading SaaS provider of planning, assessment, engagement and compliance solutions to higher education institutions. Edcentric's go-to-market operations include Campus Labs and iModules.The company's software enables institutions to extract valuable insights about every aspect of their effectiveness and to use integrated data to drive campus intelligence and make better decisions.

  • Academic Affairs: empower departmental planning, assessment of academic programs, departments and students, evaluation of faculty and course effectiveness and compliance across campus
  • Student Affairs: enable institutions to manage and assess student activities and engagement
  • Institutional Research: coordinate cross institutional assessment and benchmarking as well as ensure accreditation compliance across campus
  • Alumni Relations and Development: enable institutions to build deeper relationships with alumni and drive fundraising dollars

Lehi, Utah


eLuma is a leading two-sided marketplace for providing live, online special education and mental health services and software to K-12 districts, schools, and their students. eLuma utilizes proprietary software to enable K-12 districts and schools and their students, on the one hand, and therapy service providers, on the other hand, to receive and deliver, respectively live, online speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, school psychology and mental health services. eLuma is a mission-driven organization focused on helping children develop critical life skills.

Miami, Florida


Endeavor operates private-pay schools across the U.S., educating students from preschool through high school. Endeavor has organically and inorganically built a network of high quality schools across the U.S. The company's mission is to partner with great educators and provide them with the infrastructure, leadership, guidance and support they need to produce extraordinary outcomes and experiences for the students and families they serve.

Portland, Texas


engage2learn is a mission driven organization focused on helping the neighborhood public school be the first choice for every family. Through its professional development coaching services and technology tools, engage2learn enables school districts to drive long term positive change for teachers and improved student outcomes.

  • Coaching - onsite or virtual coaching to drive professional growth and transform daily practice with primary focus areas including school improvement, blended learning and culture / systems planning
  • eSuite - coaching and professional learning platform
  • indipath - mastery learning application for students that allows teachers to assess learning relative to benchmarks and goals
(Video) Leeds Equity General Colin Powell

Portland, Oregon


Evanta is a leading provider of peer-to-peer engagement, collaboration and subscription information services solutions for C-suite executives and high performing professionals. The company's professional education, development and networking tools serve over 12,000 executives from over 4,000 companies annually.

  • Leadership Summits: 200+ annual summits that facilitate professional development, best practice sharing and networking for C-suite executives at Forbes 2000 companies
  • CIO Institute: leadership education program for IT organization executives
  • Professional Development Academy: online training and mentorship program designed to set foundational leadership skills for frontline IT managers
  • CISO Coalition: subscription, member-based network for Chief Information Security Officers that provides online editorial and peer-to-peer learning programs

Jerusalem, Israel


Ex Libris is a leading provider of enterprise software solutions for academic, research and national libraries. The company's cloud and on-premise solutions represent the only comprehensive set of products for the discovery, management and distribution of digital, subscription and print content materials within elite library systems.

  • Discovery and Delivery: front-end, patron facing applications that enable researchers, faculty and students to search and discover content
  • Resource Management: robust and highly scalable back-end system applications that provide resource management solutions for content in print, electronic and digital formats
  • Digital Preservation: scalable, format agnostic content and resource archival
  • Data and Reporting Analytics: analytics tools that integrate with Ex Libris' front- and back-end systems and allow institutions to make informed decisions that drive operational efficiencies and improve the relevance and quality of institutional services

Beaverton, Oregon


Exterro is an end-to-end orchestrated SaaS platform that enables corporations to effectively manage all aspects of the legal GRC process. Since its founding in 2005, Exterro has emerged as a market leader in discovery, privacy and risk managementsoftware with more than 500 blue chip clients across the Fortune 2000.

  • Legal Hold: an auditable workflow application that notifies, tracks and ensures compliance with document preservation policies in preparation for litigation
  • Employee Change Monitor: a HR module that incorporates employee status changes into the e-Discovery and legal hold workflow
  • E-Discovery Data Management: a data management and analytics module that enables analysis of disparate corporate data sources and electronically stored information on a Company's internal system
  • Data Inventory and Privacy Management: a workflow that enables enterprises to effectively manage the entire subject access request process and inform critical decisions related to data retention and risk prevention strategies

New York, New York


Fulcrum Financial Data is a leading financial technology and information services platform. The company is comprised of four unique, entrepreneurial companies that provide research, news and data analytics in the credit information space.

  • Covenant Review: provides bond indenture and loan agreement analysis on a subscription basis
  • CapitalStructure: wire service of timely, accurate news, research, analysis and data on the sub-investment grade debt markets
  • LevFin Insights:subscription information service providing coverage of leveraged loan and high-yield bond markets
  • PacerMonitor:unified, modern and full-featured platform for researching and tracking federal bankruptcy, district and appellate court cases

Grand Rapids, Michigan


Fusion Education Group operates private middle and high schools that offer individualized instruction. Classes at Fusion are delivered by one teacher to one student through a mastery-based learning model, which enables each session to be attuned to that student's specific learning cadence and style. The Fusion approach to learning is effective for all students, however, it is used most frequently by students who did not achieve full potential at his or her prior school due to, among other factors, challenges with group instruction stemming from anxiety, depression, ADHD or different learning styles. The company's schools also serve students with non-traditional daily schedules such as elite athletes and entertainers.

  • Operates over 50 schools across the U.S.
  • Educates 4,000+ students annually
  • All schools have regional accreditation

Plantation, Florida


Genius SIS is a software company offering cloud-based Student Information System (SIS) software and Training Management System (TMS) software for online learning and virtual classrooms. Genius provides user-friendly, intuitive solutions to manage registration, e-commerce, tracking and real-time reporting systems for schools, colleges, corporations and government entities who need to provide online education for thier users.

Brighton, United Kingdom


INTO is the global leader assisting in the recruitment, placement and education of international students in highly-ranked universities in the U.S. and U.K. The company forms generational joint venture partnerships (30+ year) with universities, providing the critical bridge between universities and international students. INTO assists higher education institutions internationalize their teaching, research and student / alumni populations, while providing a path for students seeking the best global higher education opportunities.

(Video) Leeds Equity takes over Talisma CRM business - Interview

  • Over 20 partner universities in the U.S. and U.K., educating 35,000+ INTO-sourced international students annually
  • Unique partnership model delivering sustainable, scalable international student programs
  • Proven success in delivering superior student outcomes at scale
  • Generating over $2.5B in annual economic benefit to the U.S. and U.K.
  • The company sources students from over 100 different countries through its network of over 35 offices and relationships with third party educational counseling organizations

Irvine, California

LePort operates private-pay schools in the U.S., educating students from preschool through 8th grade using its proprietary Montessori-based program. In addition, a number of schools offer language immersion programs (Mandarin and Spanish).

New York, New York


LRN is a leading provider of ethics and compliance education, learning technology, data analytics and strategic advice that helps companies translate corporate values, operating principles and industry regulations with the objective of driving operational performance, reducing risks and creating sustainable competitive advantages. LRN's Catalyst software platform delivers extensive value for its partners through:

  • A proprietary content library comprised of 4,000+ topics and courses
  • Modular training including full courses, vignettes, micro-learning, gamification and augmented reality
  • Customization and translation capabilities that enable clients to develop and adapt library courses to their specific needs across 60+ languages
  • Strong analytics tools for administrators to measure engagement and assess learner responses to ensure compliance needs and mitigate risks

Reno, Nevada


Miller Heiman is a leading sales performance consulting and training firm. Miller Heiman helps companies, including many Fortune 500 clients, in virtually every major industry to build high performance sales teams that deliver consistent sustainable results to drive revenue.

  • The company's experience and research identified that successful selling is based on fundamental and repeatable processes
  • Miller Heiman defined and documented this process and refined a systematic approach to manage and implement the process through teaching salespeople, sales managers, and senior corporate management
  • The company's Strategic Selling® and Conceptual Selling® programs are the gold standards for managing complex sales.

West Chester, Pennsylvania


Nobel Learning is the largest operator of private-pay, nonsectarian K-12 schools in the United States. Nobel Learning serves over 25,000 students in 17 states and the District of Columbia as well as globally via its online platform. The company delivers high-quality private education through small schools and class sizes, employs qualified teachers and meets students' individual learning styles. Nobel Learning also offers an array of supplemental educational services, including before- and after-school programs, a summer program and learning support programs.

New York, NY


OptionMetrics is an options and futures database and analytics provider for institutional investors and academic researchers worldwide. Its comprehensive historical database enables portfolio managers, tradersand quantitative researchers to construct and test investment strategies, perform empirical researchand accurately assess risk.

Boston, Massachusetts


Project Management Academy provides best-in-class training for project management professionals. The company provides both in-person and online training for individuals and corporations across the U.S. for project management and related career-critical disciplines.

  • Training for the PMP certification, the leading certification for project managers across multiple industries
  • Courses in related project management disciplines, including Agile, Six Sigma, Scrum, CAPM and ITIL
  • Continuing education for the PMP certification

Fort Collins, Colorado


Prosci is the leading provider of change management training, products and digital solutions. Prosci partners with corporations, governments and not-for-profit organizations around the world to help them implement change more successfully.

  • In-house and open enrollment training and certification utilizing its renowned ADKAR Model and research-based change management methodologies
  • Implementation and advisory solutions to reinforce change management at the individual and enterprise level
  • A robust set of IP to support ongoing, successful change

Carrollton, Texas

(Video) Ewan Mackinnon on Correcting Common Mistakes Made by Private Equity Firms and Portfolio Companies


RealPage is a leading provider of SaaSproducts and services to apartment communities and single family rentals. RealPage's products and services are used to manage over millions of rental housing units across the United States. Its broad range of property management solutions enable property owners and managers to increase revenues and reduce operating costs through higher occupancy, improved pricing methodologies, new sources of revenue from ancillary services, improved collections, and more integrated and centralized processes.

  • Automate the leasing, renting, management, and accounting of conventional, affordable, tax credit, student living, and privatized military housing properties
  • Enable owners to originate, syndicate, manage, and capture leads more effectively and at less overall cost
  • Enable owners and managers to optimize rents to achieve the overall highest yield, or combination of rent and occupancy, at each property
  • Increase collections and reduce delinquencies
  • Reduce exposure to risk and liability
  • Manage and control operating expenses
  • Access real-time data, anytime, anywhere



Ross University is a leading provider of medical and veterinary education, offering doctor of medicine (M.D.) and doctor of veterinary medicine (D.V.M.) degrees. The basic sciences curricula of the Medial School and the Veterinary School are currently taught on the Caribbean islands of Dominca and St. Kitts, respectively, while the clincial programs of the Universities are conducted at teaching hospitals and veterinary schools in the U.S., Canada, U.K and Dominica.

  • Combines comprehensive medical education programs, advanced learning technologies and highly qualified teaching faculty
  • Ross graduates are eligible to practice in all 50 States and Canada
  • 14,000+ alumni network of MDs

Boulder, Colorado


Scaled Agile, through SAFe®, the leading framework for enterprise agility, helps enterprises build more efficient processes. Through the development of integrated methodologies, content, training and certifications around theSAFe® framework, the company enables enterprises to operate on an agile basis at scale.

Chicago, Illinois


SeatonCorp is a leader in providing recruiting, vendor-on-premise staffing, and end-to-end supplier management solutions for strategic users of contingent labor. Since its founding in 1988, major organizations across America have come to rely on SeatonCorp for their expertise and leadership in the staffing industry. SeatonCorp helps its clients reduce recruitment and labor costs, improve workforce performance, and increase profitability.

  • Staff Management: pioneerof high volume, vendor-on-premise staffing solutions for the light industrial segment and call center sectors
  • PeopleScout: screensjob candidates and facilitateshires for some of America's largest employers, in industries such as banking, telecommunications, retail, utilities, hospitality and transportatio
  • StudentScout:provides recruiting solutions for the post-secondary education market

Brentwood, Tennessee


Simplify Compliance is a leading provider of training, communities, events and subscription information solutions. Simplify Compliance was formed by Leeds Equity with the simultaneous combination of BLR and UCG Compliance. The company's growth is focused on the addition of new solutions both organically and inorganically.

  • Onsite seminars, online and in-person learning solutions and custom training
  • Professional development certifications and networking events
  • Embedded workflow tools and subscription information services

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