NAB Foundation and grants (2022)

Australian Mercy G'day Farmer (a registered project under Australian Relief & Mercy Services.)

Temporary housing project - Australian Relief & Mercy Services (Australian Mercy) is a Christian Aid and Development Organisation. This grant will go toward the G'day Farmer ‘temporary housing alternative’ project that aims to provide wind, water and vermin proof living space for landowners in the Nymboida and nearby region who lost their homes in the 2019/20 bushfire disaster.

Australian First Responder Foundation (AFRF)

Emergency first responder retreat - Australian First Responder Foundation is a not for profit, charitable organisation who serve and honour volunteer and emergency first responders and their families mental health and wellbeing through peer support, education, and wellbeing retreats. This grant will enable AFRF to deliver a weekend retreat program for 15 Emergency First Responders of the NSW South Coast who were heavily involved in the 2019/2020 bushfire response, providing them with the opportunity to develop the skills and capabilities in reducing the impact on their mental health and wellbeing and the chance to reconnect, reframe and reset prior to returning to their workplaces.

Cawdor Public School Parents & Carers (P&C) Association

Cawdor family camp and activities - Cawdor Public School P&C Association supports students, families, staff and community of the semi-rural community of Cawdor. Disruptions due to bushfires and COVID-19 have hindered the ability of the adults caring for the students to connect. This grant will be used for a family / carers camp designed to break down barriers, support community cohesion and belonging, and community preparedness for future disasters.

Container of Dreams Ltd

Micro-housing solutions for bushfire victims - Container of Dreams build and provide affordable housing to the neediest in the Tabulam, NSW community using micro-housing solutions, including building Tiny Houses for bushfire victims. The Tabulam community was extremely hard hit, losing over 200 homes in several blazes in 2019/2020. There are still people who have not been able to return to their properties. This grant will fund the build of one of these Tiny Houses for someone without one.

Country Women's Association (CWA) Lismore Evening Branch

Flood proof storage initiative - CWA Lismore Evening Branch is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to improve the conditions for country women and children, especially those living in rural and remote Australia. Community groups such as the CWA are essential to provide support affected people and those who need a calm familiar space in times of natural disaster. In 2017 the Lismore Evening Branch rooms were flooded, causing significant loss and this grant will flood proof the rooms. This grant will flood proof the Lismore Evening Branch rooms.

Lions Club of Tenterfield Inc

Flood relief for affected farmers - Lions Club of Tenterfield Inc support farmers in the Tenterfield Shire region who experienced heavy flooding in March 2021. These farmers have recently recovered from the 2019/2020 bush fires and 5 years of drought. This grant will go toward the rebuilding of fences.

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Living Connected Now Limited

Training seniors in regional NSW to install and use emergency service apps - Living Connected develops partnerships with local community organisations throughout Southern NSW, to mentor seniors in digital skills, training them to use the Internet and become digitally included. In 2020, they distributed free devices to bushfire victims and those in lockdown because of COVID, as well as delivered training to seniors who already have their own devices. This grant will fund the expansion of these services into regional areas of NSW where seniors are most vulnerable and not always digitally literate.

Love Culburra Beach Festival Incorporated

Culburra Beach Community connectiveness & resilience project - Love Culburra Beach Festival is a community organisation that seeks to foster holistic community engagement in the South Coast region. This grant will support a critical project to rebuild connectiveness and increase resilience following drought, bushfires, floods and COVID. 100 people will share their stories of disaster and resilience through a series of photographic workshops at the community centre, which will then be showcased in the regional festival in September 2021. Over 15,000 people will actively engage with this project in 2021.

Rotary Club of Pambula

Portable laundry and bathroom pod - The Rotary Club of Pambula is working with regional communities affected by bushfires in the shire in Far NSW. This grant will go toward funding portable bathroom pods for those that are still not able to access everyday sanitation such as running water, flushing toilets and showers.

Rotary Club of Woolgoolga Inc

Working with the SES to prepare Corindi/Woolgoolga for natural disasters and emergencies - The Rotary Club of Woolgoolga Inc, mid north coast NSW, is undertaking natural disaster preparedness works. This grant will fund the installation of electrical wiring in the local Corindi Woolgoolga SES Unit to connect the main building to their storage shed which houses electrical generators, enabling the unit to function effectively in a blackout. The grant will also fund “Grab and Go kits” for 40 households that are in the flood prone areas of the Corindi Flood Plain.

Royal Far West

Help for country children experiencing post-traumatic stress, behavioural problems & mental health issues - Royal Far West connects country kids to healthcare by delivering health, education and disability services in a residential facility in Manly and via technology and in-community programs. This grant will fund services for traumatised country children, including psychiatric assessment, review and regular tele-therapy as a result of the 2019/20 bushfires.

SCARF Incorporated

Natural disaster preparedness project (bush fires) - SCARF is a social enterprise using hospitality to transform lives. This grant will fund a series of in-language workshops in conjunction with the Rural Fire Service, that targets emerging communities from refugee and new migrant backgrounds residing in the Illawarra region with practical information to prepare, stay safe and promote resilience about natural disaster emergencies.

Teen Challenge NSW Inc

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Preparing the residential site for emergency evacuation due to natural disasters - ONE80TC is a not-for-profit organisation that provides long-term residential treatment and rehabilitation services for young men. This grant will towards enhancing emergency evacuation procedures and improvements to their preparedness plans to natural disasters and emergencies.

Upper Spring Creek Landcare

Support and Survival (Western Sydney dry rainforest habitat, Stage 2) - Upper Spring Creek Landcare is a community-based movement around Australia working together to shape the future of our land, biodiversity and waterways. The Upper Spring Creek Landcare group in Wollondilly Shire, has been severely impacted drought, bushfires and flooding. This area includes tree species for koala habitat. This grant will fund land care bush regeneration work to help their survival and strengthen the environment to be more resilient to natural disasters.

Winmalee Neighbourhood Centre Inc

Women and disaster - Winmaleee Neighbourhood Centre Inc was at the epicentre of the 2013 Linksview Road Fires. It has since developed an extensive Emergency Relief & Recovery Program to build resilience in traumatised communities. This grant will fund a series of workshops, targeting women in communities in Lithgow, Blue Mountains and Hawkesbury who were directly impacted by the fires, empowering them to identify the critical changes needed in order to plan, prepare and take action in future disaster.

Be Centre Foundation

Be Centre Foundation specialises in empowering youth (aged 3-12) to navigate and recover from traumatic experiences through our evidence-based Play Therapy program. The grant would fund the creation of a ‘Need to Play’ (NtP) program for children and parents, to be distributed through primary schools in bushfire-impacted communities in NSW and provide tangible resources for their whole community to encourage play-based healing.

CatholicCare Western Sydney

CatholicCare Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains' mission is to be a strong and visible provider of care for all in Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains with a special concern for the poor and disadvantaged. The grant will fund the cost of a program coordinator to expand the Farm it Forward program, a peri-urban farming social enterprise model in which landowners allow their land to be market gardened by community members. This will allow expansion from the current five properties to seven properties and encourage participants to connect with Community Supports and Wellness Programs offered by CatholicCare, including bushfire recovery work out of the CatholicCare Drop-In Centre Springwood.

Modern Art Projects Blue Mountains

Modern Art Projects Blue Mountains is a not-for-profit that supports and advocates for the development, production and exhibition of contemporary art throughout the Blue Mountains and Western Sydney. The grant will help fund the creation of an art exhibition at Cementa 21 (19-22 May 2022), a visual arts festival based in rural Kandos. The exhibition, called Carnivale Catastrophe, will provide a mirror of experiences, and communicate the unspoken and the supressed stories of Blue Mountains and Kandos communities that were severely affected by the black summer bushfires

Young Farmers Connect

Young Farmers Connect is a national not-for-profit committed to cultivating networks, resources and community for young farmers that Advocates for small scale farming and the local food economies sector supporting the use of regenerative, holistic and sustainable agricultural practices. This grant will fund a training for young farmers in the greater Sydney region to develop their skills in assessing the soil on their farm, planning their production system to maximise productivity, reducing inputs over time and simultaneously building soil health. The programs aims to prepare young farmers in regions that have experienced extended drought, severe bushfires and most recently floods.

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Doin It For Rural Aussie Kids

Doin It For Rural Aussie Kids supports rural children doing it tough due to circumstances outside their control. Created to assist rural families suffering from the financial stress caused by drought, bushfires and the mouse plaque, the grant will fund their Christmas National School Run, delivering personalised Santa Sacks and grocery vouchers to as many rural and remote schools as possible. The aim is to alleviate the financial burden on families during the festive season and have motivational conversations with children and families where possible.

Healthy Cities Illawarra

Healthy Cities Illawarra work across Wollongong, Shellharbour, Kiama and Shoalhaven, providing programs, and activities addressing underlying social, economic and environmental causes of health inequality, which lead to chronic disease and other social adversities. The grant will help fund the creation of the Wollongong Virtual Farmers Market, a transparent and fair online marketplace for local and sustainably produced foods that will enable the community to actively support local producers and reduce their climate impact and carbon emissions by buying low food miles and no-packaging foods.

Lions Club of Taree

The Lions Club of Taree serves the civic, cultural, social and moral welfare of the community. This grant will be used to fund a mobile toilet block on a trailer, which can be deployed quickly during and after disasters. During recent drought, fires and floods, many local communities, small and large, had at various times no public toilets available.

Upper Lansdowne Memorial Hall Committee

Upper Lansdowne Memorial Hall Committee serves as the hub of the community and is the only community meeting place that host events. The grant will be used to fund the installation of a grid-connected battery system to store energy from the existing 4.8KW solar system, providing essential services of lights, water pumping, urns and minor cooking for extended periods without mains power. This will allow the hall to operate as an emergency centre during future emergencies.


RuffTRACK ensures young people who have fallen through the cracks of society, sleeping rough and experiencing violence, fall no further. The grant will be used to fund employability pathways for disadvantaged youths through a program that matches 8 trainees and 16 work experience places with 10 farmers and 40 families in the MacDonald Valley. The farmers and families will teach the youths about land rehabilitation, environmental sustainability in farming and disaster prevention, and in return get physical and mental support and help repaint fences on their disaster affected properties.

Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital

Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital operates veterinary facilities to treat, prevent and relieve the suffering of orphaned, injured or diseased native Australian wildlife through rescue, treatment, rehabilitation and release. The grant will be used to fund the purchase of vital wildlife trauma equipment including a patient warming unit and blankets and incubators to maintain optimal body temperature during life-saving surgery and clinical inspection. The incubator aids in restoring optimal temperature and "fluff" for birds and reptiles that have been affected by flooding. The patient warming blanket and unit are essential veterinary equipment during surgery and clinical inspections.


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KidsXpress is a children’s mental health charity, transforming the lives of children impacted by trauma relating to abuse, neglect, grief and household dysfunction. This grant will fund a trauma-focused mental health education program for parents in the NSW Snowy Valleys region. The program will be delivered over 10 weeks in 120-minute sessions to support parents to help their children enhance emotional intelligence; manage frustrations; deal with conflict; have better concentration at school; increase positive behaviours; and build their resilience in the face of life challenges, including natural disasters.

Holbrook Sporting Complex 355 Management Committee

Holbrook Sporting Complex 355 Management Committee are a local community of volunteers for the Greater Hume Shire Council, in the Riverina region of southern New South Wales. This grant will fund the purchase of dining tables and chairs and upgrading of outdated kitchen equipment and utensils at the Holbrook Sporting Complex ground. The ground and its facilities were the main marshalling area for many brigades and units from far and wide to fight the 233,000-hectare Green Valley blaze in the hills, and dangerous terrain just south east of Holbrook, in early 2020. The local community groups undertook the massive task of catering and providing rest areas for the brigades and wants to prepare the facilities for future disasters.

Indian (Sub-Cont) Crisis & Support Agency

Indian (Sub-Cont) Crisis & Support Agency (ICSA) supports the disadvantaged communities in a culturally appropriate and bespoke manner focusing on the Indian Subcontinent demographic. The grant will fund face-to-face group training sessions for people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds to facilitate the development of person-centred emergency preparedness plans. The training sessions will be delivered by ICSA, which has been accredited in Person-Centered Emergency Preparedness training to assist people from CALD backgrounds, or with a disability, and developed the sessions in collaboration with SES, Rural Fire Service, Sydney University and Settlement Services.


CareFlight is as an aeromedical charity with the mission to save lives, speed recovery, and serve the community. They provide aeromedical services across Australia, caring for more than 9,100 patients annually. This grant will be used to fund 3 Ambu Airway Trainers. These Trainers are used in CareFlight's Trauma Care Workshops to teach participants intubation, which is needed when a patient is unable to maintain their airway or breathe on their own and is often necessary for patient treatment in natural disasters, especially bushfires.

Doctors Against Violence

Doctors Against Violence is Australia's largest network of doctors, with more than 700 doctors dedicated to helping patients who are victims of domestic violence by advocating on behalf of victims, and improving their access to care, at local, state and national levels. This grant will fund a pilot program in which small cash injections will be given to women and families impacted by natural disaster, and who are vulnerable to domestic violence, to pay for services such as counselling, psychologists, scripts and accommodation. This will help address the financial barrier these women/families often face when trying to access prescriptions, emergency accommodation and other services after a natural disaster.

Girls on Fire

We’re working together with Girls on Fire to help increase the number of women in emergency services through firefighting and hands-on resilience programs. The NAB Foundation Community grant has funded the roll-out of a greater number of Girls on Fire & Resilience Programs in areas impacted or at-risk of bushfires and vulnerable communities. Learn more about the great work Girls on Fire are doing.

Equal Effort

Equal Effort (in auspice agreement with Masy Consultants) advances education in disaster resilience, community resilience, humanitarian engineering, and climate change for children and youth with a particular focus on needy communities living in vulnerable areas. The grant will fund the creation of a fun and engaging learning modules for primary school children in Clarence Valley and Kempsey to build their early understanding and appreciation of community resilience and encourage them to actively participate in decision-making processes around natural disasters at home and in the community. Clarence Valley and Kempsey have a disaster index rating of ~3.6 which is the highest in regional NSW.

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