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Nazis are commies and commies are nazis « Jim's Blog (1)Kunning Drueger says:

2023-01-12 at 20:14

[this is an unintentionally massive off topic post. I think there’s some value to it, but the tl;dr is that Zeihan is a picture of the GAE intelligentsia, and great caution should be exercised when interacting with him]

Well, I guess it was inevitable. Zeihan has finally gotten his Joe Rogan interview. He’s made a career out of talking to rooms of influential people, but getting to sit with an inquisitive midwit is a far higher rung on the social ladder. Such are the ways of clown world.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Zeihan, I really can’t recommend you go down the rabbit hole on him for two reasons: The first is that no matter how interesting he was, he’s gone full max boosted and is basically just a Biden shill for free, and the other is that you’ll get GIRDS if you stand too close to him because he a gay. That warning out there, there actually is a lot of interesting stuff he put out between 2012 and 2019. He had the balls to make a bunch of predictions, some which came true, many which did not, and most kind of true but not really( He predicted the war between Russia and Ukraine, but he predicted it would be between Russia and the Baltic states; he predicted that the wealthiest Canadian province would attempt to leave Canada, but he was a few years too early, lots of stuff like that ).

(Video) A reminder of nazi book burning hidden in plain sight

In this clip, you get a really good picture of who and what Zeihan is: he is a compelling speaker that can make a lot of convincing arguments that are very interesting and engaging, but he never shows his work and he just hopes you’ll assume that his confidence is indicative of competence. He’s got a lot of really interesting ideas, and I find his argument on China compelling, but here in lies the issue with Zeihan: he’s right that China is on the fast track to self-destruction, but it’s not for the reasons he argues, it’s for the reasons that Jim has outlined in terms of not having a state religion, or maybe not having the balls to choose the available state religion that would be most useful.

A big issue with Zeihan is that he is a homosex. Being a sodomite, there are just certain things he cannot think or accept, and it gets darkly amusing because he’s perfectly capable of noticing that something is awry, but he cannot allow himself to fully understand why it is that way and what the real implications are. So he constantly notices smoke, but he refuses to believe that fire exists, and writes books with magical explanations for how smoke seems to appear in all of these places, while never once addressing any fires, or even acknowledging that a fire could exist.

The Algo Daemons provide another:

Zeihan in full effect in this one. Notice how he mixes in truth with calumny. Notice how if Russia is in the Baltics or the Caucuses or the Stans it’s an occupation, but if Russia *isn’t* there it’s “free”, not occupied by the GAE. He’s an extraordinary shill for Boomerism, which makes sense, as he was a wunderkint who built his identity and business by impressing rooms full of wealthy boomers with his compendium of factoids and generalist knowledge. The evil of this man (besides gay fecal anal AIDS, of course) is he that is constantly talking about “the man behind the curtain” (GAE soft power) while adamantly declaring that there is no man, there is no curtain. This is crystallized Boomerism: the thing opposing the GAE is bad, bad, bad, and we must remove that thing, then it’s all going to be good, good, good. It’s cinema logic: introduce protagonist, introduce adversary, rising tension, climax, resolution, credits.

And now we have the Zeihan Prediction: “we will know what’s really going on, how this thing is ‘going to go,’ in May 2023.” And he’s probably right, but observe the skilled shell game merchant as his hands blur between the cups. He’s not saying anything about what we will know, he’s just prophesying that we will know something. This is a cutesie game, but I’ve got the receipts; I have all his newsletters from the past year+ saved. He’s been quite incorrect ±80% of the time over that period. But his 19% of meh and 1-3% of ok, pretty accurate means a multimillion dollar consultancy.

And then there’s the hogwash: AFU is amazing! Light tank wunderwaffen! Stupid Russians just die in place as Ukrainian seal ranger delta spetznaz jagdkommandos flit through the trees like cyberpunk ninja niggers! Putin has cancer, gaydz, parkinson’s, and a tiny dick! NATO can’t lose!

(Video) What neo-Nazis have inherited from original Nazism | DW Documentary

It’s all so tiresome.

And another! Wow, it’s almost like the universe is sending me a message…

I can confidently state that, barring the possibility that Zeihan was always an IC asset, he was coopted in 2020, maybe 2019. Prior, he was very upfront with the incompetence of USG and the IC, as well as quite poignant about American domestic politics (he asserted quite profoundly, that Trump was the first US president since Bush I to have a coherent foreign policy). Now he can’t be positive enough about the Agency, intel capabilities, American tech capacity, you name it. He’s lockstep with The Message, and he’s a faggot with actual skill, an extreme rarity. He is a Cuck Canary in the GAE Coalmine, so you have to interpret him in a tricky way. I predict that Zeihan will be instrumental in the Great Switcheroo when Vaxx becomes a racist tool of whites to harm holy black bodies and savior sodomites.

Lol: the GAE is in Putin’s sockk drawer! We’re reading his emails! Ok, actually comports with Jimian Thesis: Russia has a compromised network. But there are two looming components to this that show it’s nearly pure propaganda: is it possible that Putin & Frens know this and are acting accordingly? And, who cares if you can read my email when you have a complete inability to view, understand, incorporate, and respond to thoughtctime?

“General Ch’mekwa, we have captured the enemy battle plans!”

“Ye nigga, das how we do.”

(Video) The Ideology of Nazi Germany

“…indeed, ma’am. It says they are amassing missile assets for a blanket strike. I think we should reposition our for-”

“Nigga is u stoopid? Cracka Russians ain’t shit, ya herd? CIA spooky niggas run shit, an Gabriella Fonderalla Piquiña Niña Lopez Obrador Gonzalez Rodriguez Jimenez done already told you dey ain’t gots no mo’ missile joints. Finna to quit , ya herd? Surrender tomorrow, nahmsayun? Sheeit.”

“Of course, Rev. Dr. General, but don’t you think it’s better to be safe than sor-”



“Main, y u be triflin’ ize on break, ya herd? Sheeeeeit.”

[that was fun to imagine, I admit it’s excessive]

(Video) Initial rise of Hitler and the Nazis | The 20th century | World history | Khan Academy

01:13- again, there’s the truth floating in the shit: AFU has a LOT of Russian gear that needs repair. He just deftly steps over the documented facts that it’s mostly stocks from EE handed over in shit condition with no spares, that the industrial capacity to make parts has been annihilated by Russian missiles, and that having 1000 broken tanks means dick for the actual battles taking place.

02:45- here comes the GAE propaganda, wherein the ponytail faggot flips the numbers, stating Russia has lost 100k and Ukraine has lost a third. He then goes on to claim the Russians are slaughtering civilians. That’s right, Russia is “conquering” areas loyal to the Rodina, then nazi-smashing them because… Well… Well, because muh Russia, amirite lmao gottem. Unsatisfied with the NAFO cum on his face, he nut gargles the GAE further: “if NATO went to war with Russia *right now* the casualties would be 1:1000.” Ok… fucking hell, ok… so if battle hardened autarky Russia that gets 80k VOLUNTEERS after calling up 300k reserves goes to war with a European coalition that can’t properly run war games, sail in straight lines safely, maintain ammunition stocks & production, build weapons, or march, the Euro side will kill 1000 ruskis for every soldier they lose. Yeah, that makes sense lel.

Zeihan is the best you can hope for with a priest in power, and it’s terrifying. Follow his tortured logic from 04:14 to 04:30, and understand this is a picture of the best the GAE has to offer, this is the pinnacle of their competency:

“So the primary reason why everyone in the West has gotten shoulder to shoulder on this is they know that if Ukraine falls, and Poland’s next, there will be a direct fight, the Russians will you lose, and then there will be a general nuclear exchange. So there are plenty of really solid reasons to root for the Ukrainians on this one.” So… Europe is obeying the Blinken War Faction nd pushing Russia to respond in the most extreme way possible because if they win they lose and use nukes, which means we need for Russia to lose so they won’t use nukes. brilliant.

I am impressed and flabbergasted all at once. I’d love to see Zeihan and Mearsheimer do a debate. It would be fascinating to watch two priests from the “Realist” school go at it. It would make plain, for those with ears to see, just how thoroughly converged the IR/poli-sci schools have become. Just as Amazon has become the Everything Provider, neo-Whigism has become the Everything Interpreter. And Joe Rogan is the perfect simulacrum for midwits in the GAE: just sitting agog at the torrent of brilliant analysis washing over them and, like a rat at the cocaine dispenser, cannot help but hit the button for another tablet.

06:08- Rogan’s BS detector valiantly tries to help Joe, but Zeihan smoothly steamrolls the impulse, though you can see the fear in his eyes lol. That last minute is a perfect distillation of Zeihan, and by extension, the intelligentsia of the GAE. He very accurately describes the large picture: Russia is backed into a corner and is facing an existential crisis. But his inability to see illegal thoughts or come to outlawed conclusions leaves him twisting in the wind on a noose of his own design, and all the midwits gather ‘neath, crying out in exultation that this must be the greatest dancing in history. Zeihan is a braindead ballerina, dancing to the daemonic organ grinder. I truly can’t even with this guy.


(Video) Robert Proctor: Nazi Science and Ideology | Lex Fridman Podcast #268


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