Netflix Revenue and Usage Statistics (2022) (2022)

Netflix was conceived in 1997 by Reed Hastings (the current CEO) and Marc Randolph. Both had previous ventures in the West Coast tech scene, Hastings was the owner of debugging software firm Pure Atria, while Randolph had co-founded and then sold MicroWarehouse for $700 million.

Originally a DVD-rental service, in the same vein as Blockbuster, Netflix broke ground with its mail order service. It introduced a subscription model at the turn of the millennium, which allowed subscribers to rent as many DVDs as they wanted, without incurring any additional costs which were the bane of many Blockbuster-fans lives.

Even before the streaming service, Netflix was focused on recommendation algorithms and unique experiences through its website. Even with these advances in technology, Netflix was hit hard in the dot-com bubble and was offered $50 million by Blockbuster in 2001.

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Netflix rejected the offer and a year later IPO’d on the Nasdaq. It wouldn’t be until 2007 that it rolled out its video streaming service, which separated Netflix from Blockbuster and many of the other DVD-rental services which went out of business in the 2010s.

It took a few years for the streaming service to make inroads, but once it did Netflix pivoted to a platform only approach, canning the DVD-rental service and launching Netflix worldwide. Today, only citizens in North Korea, Syria, China and Crimea are denied the binge-watching pleasures of the streaming service.

In 2012, Netflix also upped the ante with its own programming, which started with Lilyhammer but was boosted heavily by House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, two of the company’s most watched TV shows. Netflix started to pick up awards for its TV shows, surpassing HBO in 2018 for the amount of Emmy nominations.

Netflix Revenue and Usage Statistics (2022) (2)

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Netflix has also distributed several noteworthy films, including Beasts of No Nation, Marriage Story, Roma and Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman. Netflix earned more nominations at the 2020 Oscars than any other film studio.

But in terms of awards, the first Emmy Netflix ever won, in 2012, is perhaps the most illustrative: an Emmy Engineering Award, given to individuals or organisations that have profoundly changed the way we watch television. Netflix, it is fair to say, has profoundly done this.

As Netflix has grown in revenue and subscribers, it has enticed others to copy its formula. Amazon launched its Prime Video subscription service at around the same time and has been a heavy spender, as it looks to replicable Netflix’s performance in awards.

Disney also launched its own streaming service in November 2019, and several American cable services have launched their own in 2020, such as HBO Max, Peacock and Showtime. The next five years will undoubtedly be harder for Netflix, as it tries to keep its fans loyal when so much more stuff is available.

We have collected data and statistics on Netflix. Read on below to find out more.

Netflix key statistics

  • Netflix generated $24.9 billion revenue in 2021, a 23.8% increase year-on-year
  • $12.97 billion of Netflix’s revenue was generated in North America, its largest market
  • Netflix had an operating profit of $5.1 billion in 2021, an 85% increase year-on-year
  • In 2022, Netflix had 222 million subscribers worldwide

Netflix overview

Title 1Title 2
Launch date29 August 1997, 15 January 2007 (streaming service launch)
HQLos Gatos, California
PeopleReed Hastings (co-CEO, founder), Ted Sarandos (co-CEO, chief content officer), Greg Peters (COO, CPO)
Business typePublic (NASDAQ: NFLX)
IndustryVideo streaming
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Netflix revenue

Netflix generated $24.9 billion revenue in 2020, a 23.8% increase on the previous year. It has reported higher revenues each quarter for more than a decade.

Netflix quarterly revenue 2011 to 2022 ($mm)

Netflix annual revenue 2011 to 2021 ($bn)

YearRevenue ($bn)

Source: Company data

Netflix revenue by region

Netflix earned 43% of its revenue from the US & Canada market, its largest region for revenue and usage.

Netflix annual revenue by region 2018 to 2021 ($bn)

YearUS & CanadaEMEALatin AmericaAsia-Pacific

Source: Company data

Netflix ARPU by region

Netflix also earns more revenue per user in the US & Canada market, at $14.78, while in Latin America the ARPU in 2021 was at $8.14.

Netflix annual ARPU by region 2018 to 2021 ($bn)

YearUS & CanadaEMEALatin AmericaAsia-Pacific

Note: Values cover Q4 of each respective year. Source: Company data

Netflix profit

Netflix made $5.1 billion net profit in 2021, an 85% increase on the $2.7 billion it made in 2020.

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Netflix annual net income/loss ($mm)

DateNet Income/Loss ($mm)

Note: Values are net income. Source: Company data

Netflix content spend

Netflix has increased its content spend every year, as it has added more original content to the platform. In 2021, it spent $17 billion on content.

Netflix annual content spend ($bn)

YearContent spend ($bn)

Sources: Netflix, Variety

Netflix subscribers

Netflix reached 222 million subscribers in 2021, but stalled in Q1 2022, losing 200,000 subscribers and wiping over 50% off its market cap.

Netflix quarterly revenue 2011 to 2022 (mm)

Netflix annual subscribers 2011 to 2021 (mm)

DateSubscribers (mm)

Note: Values cover Q2 of each respective year. Source: Company data

Netflix subscribers by region

The US & Canada market has a slight edge in total subscribers, although it is likely that the European market will surpass it in 2022.

Netflix annual subscribers by region 2018 to 2021 (mm)

YearUS & CanadaEMEALatin AmericaAsia-Pacific
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Note: Values cover Q4 of each respective year. Source: Company data

Netflix share of US streaming minutes

Netflix remains the most popular streaming service in the US for total minutes watched, surpassing YouTube and Hulu.

US audience streaming minutes 2022 (%)

AppPercentage of minutes spent
Prime Video7.8
Other streaming33.3

Source: Nielsen

Netflix US library size

In terms of total library size, Netflix is far behind Amazon Prime Video, but ahead of all other streaming platforms in the US.

US streaming services library size 2022

AppMoviesTV Shows
Prime Video26,3002,700
HBO Max2,000580

Source: JustWatch

Netflix vs Disney Plus: subscribers

Netflix FAQ

What is the most streamed TV show on Netflix?

The Office is the most streamed piece of content on Netflix, with a total of 57.1 billion minutes (Nielsen)

What is the median age of a Netflix user?

The median age is between 35-44 years old

How many Netflix users use the platform without paying?

An estimated 31% of users do not pay for the platform (Survata)


How many unique recommendations does Netflix have?

Netflix has 1,300 “recommendation clusters”, which are built through user’s viewing preferences

How many hours of Netflix were streaming during coronavirus lockdown?

In the US, an estimated 204 million hours were collectively streamed during the first major coronavirus lockdown in 2020 (Kill the Cable Bill)

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How many subscribers do Netflix have 2022? ›

Netflix has 223.09 Million Subscribers as of Q3, 2022. Netflix's Subscriber growth in 2022 hasn't been great. The company had predicted that it would add 2.5 million subscribers in Q1 of 2022 but instead, it lost around 1170 million subscribers in the first two quarters of 2022.

Who uses Netflix the most? ›

Netflix statistics from one of the latest Statista's reports reveal that Canada and the US was the region with the highest monthly ARPU in the first quarter of 2022.

Which country uses Netflix the most? ›

The United States is not only the place where Netflix got its start as a DVD rental service in 1997, but the country also remains Netflix's largest market now that the company has evolved into the most popular SVOD platform worldwide. According to the company's latest filings, the.

How many viewers does Netflix have? ›

Worldwide, Netflix viewership continues to grow. This year, we expect there will be 617.4 million Netflix viewers worldwide, making up 7.9% of the population. By 2024, that figure will reach 670.7 million—or 8.4% of the population.

How big is Netflix industry? ›

According to the MPAA's 2021 Theme Report, there were 1.3 billion online video subscriptions as of the end of 2021 (an increase of 200,000,000 on 2020). Based on its current worldwide subscription numbers (220 million), that means Netflix commands 16.9% of the global digital streaming market.

What has been #1 on Netflix the longest? ›

TOP 10 on Netflix in the World with the longest streak
1.Squid Game53 days
2.The Queen's Gambit46 days
3.Stranger Things44 days
4.Bridgerton39 days
5.Money Heist37 days
158 more rows

Who are Netflix Top 3 competitors? ›

The 10 Biggest Netflix Competitors
Hulu$ 3.5 Billion2
Showtime$ 986 MillionThe US
Apple TV+$ 912 million107
Sling TV$ 178.1 millionThe US
6 more rows
23 Nov 2021

Which gender watches Netflix more? ›

The average Netflix user is more likely to be female, but only barely. And 68% of Netflix subscribers have some or no college education — about 33% have at least a bachelor's degree.

Which country has no Netflix? ›

As of 2021, Netflix is streaming in over 190 countries, not including China, Crimea, North Korea, or Syria.

Which country does not support Netflix? ›

Netflix isn't available in: China. Crimea. North Korea.

Which country has free Netflix? ›

Netflix Free Subscription: One of the biggest and most popular streaming platforms in the world, Netflix, has announced to offer a free subscription of its mobile plan in Kenya. With this, users in the market will get access to about a quarter of TV shows and movies streaming on the platform.

What is Netflix's number 1 show? ›

Stranger Things 4

How much profit does Netflix make a year? ›

The company's annual revenue in 2021 amounted to almost 30 billion U.S. dollars, continuing the impressive year-on-year growth Netflix has enjoyed over the last decade.

How much do Netflix make per month? ›

Netflix's main source of revenue is subscriptions, which cost between $7.99 and $13.99 per month. This totals to about $950 million per month, according to the company's earnings report [No Longer Available]. It also earns about $30 million per month through DVD rentals.

Who owns the largest percentage of Netflix? ›

Top 10 Owners of Netflix Inc
StockholderStakeShares owned
Capital Research & Management Co....2.62%11,662,546
T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc. (I...2.12%9,414,043
Geode Capital Management LLC1.74%7,741,882
Polen Capital Management LLC1.65%7,332,431
6 more rows

Is Netflix the biggest company in the world? ›

Disney has officially passed Netflix as the world's largest streaming company. According to Variety, Disney now has a total direct-to-consumer subscription count of 221 million, which surpasses Netflix's 220.7 million subscribers, as of July 2022.

Is Netflix running a profit? ›

Netflix pointed out in a shareholder letter it makes more than $5 billion in operating profit while competitor streaming products lose money.

What is the most popular streaming service in 2022? ›

Our Best On-Demand Streaming Services Rating
  • #1 Netflix.
  • #2 Amazon Prime Video.
  • #2 Disney+
  • #4 Funimation.
  • #4 Hulu.
  • #4 HBO Max.
  • #4 Peacock.
  • #8 Crunchyroll.
23 Aug 2022

Which platform is better than Netflix? ›

Hulu is the go-to alternative for many previous (and some current) Netflix users. It offers a huge selection of TV and movies, as well as award-winning original content. Its ad-supported option is cheaper than even Netflix's Basic plan.

Who is Netflix target audience? ›

Netflix subscriptions in the U.S. 2021, by age group

According to the findings of a recent survey, around 75 percent of respondents aged 18 to 34 subscribed to Netflix as of mid-2021, compared to just 44 percent of those aged 65 or above.

What is the shortest film on Netflix? ›

Beautifully animated and breathtaking in the scope of its ideas and ambitions, World of Tomorrow is the shortest movie on Netflix—and a masterpiece of the form.

Why are Netflix series so short? ›

That's because the streaming giant has been trimming its live-action TV shows to make them more consumable for binge viewers, according to Deadline. Deadline reported that Netflix sees little value in seasons that exceed 10 episodes, or shows that surpass 30 episodes in total.

What are Netflix's strengths? ›

2. Netflix's Strengths
  • Netflix is available through Asian countries, especially many South-Asian countries, and has a global presence. ...
  • The organization is very adaptable. ...
  • Netflix's original films and television programs provide plenty of options for aspiring filmmakers.

Is Amazon Prime better than Netflix? ›

Prime Video is less expensive than Netflix, and offers more features for the price. Netflix has a larger catalog, and all of the content on Netflix is included in the subscription. Some content on Amazon costs extra. Both platforms have award-winning original content and are investing heavily in original programming.

What separates Netflix from its competitors? ›

With a subscriber base of over 222 million across 190 countries, Netflix is one of the undisputed kings of streaming movies and TV series. What sets it apart from its competitors is its collection of original TV shows, movies, tons of quality programs, and an easy-to-use interface.

What is Netflix 98% match? ›

The "percent match" feature will present a percentage next to a series or film representing the chances you will enjoy watching. For example, if you see 90% next to Stranger Things, it means Netflix thinks there's a 90% chance you'll enjoy watching that program based on previous viewing habits.

What is the most liked thing on Netflix? ›

Popular on Netflix
  • Orange Is the New Black.
  • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.
  • Never Have I Ever.
  • Sex Education.
  • The Umbrella Academy.
  • Dead to Me.
  • Black Mirror.
  • Elite.

Why does China not have Netflix? ›

This is a product of different licensing deals. China, however, is a different beast. Along with a few other countries (such good company as North Korea and Syria), China is very picky about what it allows on the internet.

How can I get Netflix free? ›

All Movies and tv shows on Netflix Free

Unfortunately, Netflix no longer offers any movies or TV shows for free or a free trial. You can check out the entire Netflix catalogue or check out other providers like Prime Video or Hulu which offer free trial programs.

Is Netflix fully free? ›

Netflix does not offer free trials, but you have the freedom to change your plan or cancel online at any time if you decide Netflix isn't for you. There are no contracts, no cancellation fees, and no commitments. You can sign up and take advantage of all Netflix has to offer.

Does Netflix block VPN now? ›

A VPN can open up the international Netflix catalog, allowing you to watch thousands of new movies and TV shows, regardless of country. If you travel abroad, you can retain secure access to your usual home streaming services. However, the Netflix VPN ban means very few VPNs reliably work with Netflix.

Why did Netflix block VPN? ›

Why Is Netflix Blocking VPN Services? In short, some shows are only available to watch in certain countries, because Netflix has the rights to stream those shows only in those countries. Since a VPN can make it seem like you're in another country, this makes it hard for Netflix to uphold its licensing deals.

Why doesn't Netflix have all movies? ›

When a title isn't available on Netflix it can be for a few different reasons, including: The title may not be released yet in your country. The rights to the title aren't available or aren't available for your region. If you're using a VPN, you may only see TV shows and movies that are available globally on Netflix.

Why are people dropping Netflix? ›

“They are losing subscribers in the US and Europe because of competition, recession, inflation, and general fears about the economy.” said Michael Pachter, an analyst for Wedbush Securities. He said that Netflix will continue to grow as people cut the cable cord and as they offer a cheaper ad-supported option.

Is Netflix still free in Vietnam? ›

But in Vietnam, while most local streaming platforms such as FPT Play, Galaxy Play and VieOn allow users to register for a free account and watch movies with ads, Netflix costs VND70,000-260,000 ($3-11.48) a month.

How much is the cheapest Netflix? ›

Pricing (US Dollar)
  • Basic with ads*: $6.99/month.
  • Basic: $9.99/month.
  • Standard: $15.49/month.
  • Premium: $19.99/month.

Is Netflix revenue declining? ›

Netflix generated about $7.9 billion in revenue in the third quarter, a nearly 6 percent increase from the same period last year. The company generated about $1.4 billion in profit, a 3 percent decrease from a year earlier.

Is Netflix doing well financially? ›

Netflix generated nearly $8 billion in revenue, an 8.6 percent increase over the same period last year, although the rate of growth is slowing and the company projects it to continue to ease. Netflix expects a gain of 1 million paid subscribers next quarter.

Is Netflix still losing money? ›

In April, the company reported that it had lost 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter of 2022 — the first big loss in over a decade. This year, Netflix's stock was on a decline of approximately 70%. The market valuation has decreased from $300 billion to under $90 billion in less than a year.

Will Netflix ever make a profit? ›

Netflix is a profitable company, which net profits were $5.1 billion in 2021.

Is Netflix struggling right now? ›

Netflix, long the leader when it came to worldwide subscribers, said last month that it lost some 200,000 subscriptions in the first three months of the year and that it was expecting an additional two million to leave the service during the second quarter of 2022.

Why is Netflix losing so many customers? ›

Netflix is in trouble. The streaming service says it's losing subscribers for the first time in a decade. It blames competition and people who use other people's passwords.

Why is Netflix losing its customers? ›

Lack of interesting content could also be one of the factors why Netflix subscriber base is witnessing a downfall . Another reason why Netflix could be losing subscribers is its dependence on original content.

What will overtake Netflix? ›

Disney's streaming services—Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+—have overtaken Netflix in the number of viewers as the Mouse House's five-year push into the digital streaming space finally comes to fruition.

What company will overtake Netflix? ›

3 Streaming Stocks Not Named Netflix That Can Soar
Stock/IndexPast 3-Month Performance
1 more row

How many subscribers did Netflix lose in 2022? ›

On July 19, 2022, Netflix announced its second-quarter earnings. The company beat expectations, but in the critical area of subscriber growth it lost an estimated 970,000 subscribers.

Why is Netflix underperforming? ›

In a letter to shareholders, Netflix attributed its subscriber loss to a number of factors, including a slowdown in the adoption of broadband and smart TVs; password sharing among households; and increased competition from both traditional cable and broadcast TV and other emerging streaming services.

How many users did Netflix lose? ›

Netflix remains the leader of the pack, with 220.67 million global subscribers as of June according to earnings reports, but as competition with newer platforms becomes tighter, it's also one of the only streaming services to lose paid subscribers, falling by almost 1 million subscribers since March and nearly 1.2 ...

How many people have dropped Netflix? ›

After losing 200,000 subscribers in the first three months of 2022, Netflix said in its second-quarter earnings report on Tuesday that it shed nearly an additional 1 million subscribers.

What is Netflix most profitable show? ›

Stranger Things (season 4), a retro sci-fi series -- 1.35 billion hours. Dahmer, a true-crime serial killer series -- 856.2 million hours. Money Heist (part 5), a Spanish-language thriller -- 792.2 million hours. Bridgerton (season 2), a period romance -- 656.3 million hours.

How does Netflix make money without ads? ›

Membership Fees

Netflix's primary source of income is from monthly subscriptions. Netflix currently offers several different tiers of pricing, allowing customers to choose the plan that best fits their needs.

How Fast Is Netflix growing? ›

Netflix generated $24.9 billion revenue in 2020, a 23.8% increase on the previous year. It has reported higher revenues each quarter for more than a decade.
Netflix annual revenue 2011 to 2021 ($bn)
YearRevenue ($bn)
7 more rows


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