THE VALESCO GROUP - Our People (30.08.21) (2022)

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Meet the team

THE VALESCO GROUP - Our People (30.08.21) (2)

Shiraz Jiwa

The Founder and CEO of The Valesco Group is Mr. Shiraz Jiwa, who has a distinguished track record spanning 2 decades. Mr. Jiwa has successfully closed and managed over €5 billion of European commercial real estate investments, delivering strong target-exceeding returns to sovereigns, institutions and family offices. Prior to founding Valesco, Mr. Jiwa was managing director and head of real estate investments at AGC Equity Partners, a sovereign backed alternative asset investment firm. He closed and managed numerous European real estate investments across core/core+, complex restructuring, development and special situations during his tenure. Previously, Mr. Jiwa was a partner and portfolio manager at the Rainbow Global High Yield Fund. His areas of focus were special situations, real estate, distressed debt and derivatives. Mr. Jiwa directed investment strategy and executed transactions across the capital structure. Prior to this, Mr. Jiwa was at Morgan Stanley where his expertise was utilised to develop, analyse, structure and execute portfolio optimisation and yield enhancement strategies and solutions. Mr. Jiwa executed several significant capital markets as well as securities division transactions. Mr. Jiwa started his career as part of the credit derivatives structuring and trading team at Bear Stearns. Mr. Jiwa has developed an expertise across all major asset classes, notably in real estate, real estate private equity, complex restructurings and special situations. Mr. Jiwa received a BSc. Joint Honours in Mathematics with Management from Imperial College London.

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NeVILLE PAterson

Mr. Paterson is Head of Asset Management at The Valesco Group and has 30 years of institutional and private equity real estate experience. Prior to joining Valesco, he was Head of Asset Management at Round Hill Capital, asset managing and leading the team for the multi-billion UK and European real estate portfolio. Prior to this Mr. Paterson was Global Director at RBS Plc, responsible for asset management and divestment across the global commercial real estate platform and served on the senior management team. He has also been an Equity Partner at Infrared Capital Partners (formerly HSBC Specialist Investments), responsible for acquisitions, asset management and divestment of their Global commercial portfolios. During his career, Mr. Paterson has been responsible for a portfolio of more than €10bn of assets under management and he has transacted in excess of €3.5bn in dispositions. He has experience of leading asset management platforms and teams across the majority of sub-sectors of real estate. He has extensive experience in Core/Core + and Value-add portfolios. Mr. Paterson is a Chartered Surveyor and received a BSc (Hons) Urban Estate Surveying from Nottingham Trent University.

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Philip Manning

Mr. Manning is a Director of The Valesco Group and brings over 40 years of experience across financial services, real estate and corporate business development. Previously, Mr. Manning was Founder and CEO of the UK business of Abu Dhabi’s ADIB, driving their core European platform. Prior to this he was a Managing Director at Citigroup responsible for global strategy and business development across 42 countries. He was also a Founder and Director of Business Development for MBNA Europe.

Mr. Manning commenced his career within the Barclays Bank Group and over 16 years progressed to occupying senior management positions and pioneering the bank’s direct lending division. He has been awarded four Fellowships and has been a business mentor for The Princes Trust.

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Adam Sadiq

Mr. Sadiq is a Director of The Valesco Group and has over 15 years of experience across private equity real estate, asset management and investment banking. Mr. Sadiq was a Managing Director and head of the Investment Solutions Business at BGC Partners, where he expanded the business into the Middle East and Asia by delivering best-in-class investments across real estate, private equity and liquid alternatives. Mr. Sadiq is responsible for co-founding New World Capital Advisors, the global merchant banking and investment firm focused on real estate, special situations and idiosyncratic investments across developed and emerging markets. Previously, Mr. Sadiq was at State Street Global Advisors where he was responsible for developing the cash and fixed-income business in Europe, the Middle East, Africa & Asia. Products included pooled fund solutions, separately managed accounts and ETFs to institutional investors. Prior to State Street Global Advisors, Mr. Sadiq built the Liquidity and Short Duration Fixed Income business at Western Asset Management where he was responsible for growing the offshore business across Europe, the Middle East & Africa (EMEA). Earlier, Mr. Sadiq was at Société Générale Corporate and Investment Bank, responsible for key European Investment Management clients across the Fixed Income, Currencies & Commodities (FICC) sales and trading business. Mr. Sadiq has a BSc. in Applied Mathematics, from the University of Glasgow.

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Arno Kitts

Mr. Kitts brings over 30 years of experience to The Valesco Group’s investment committee. He has experience investing across all asset classes through a number of economic and investment cycles. Previously, Mr. Kitts was Managing Director and head of the £250 billion BlackRock UK Institutional Business, which managed investments for over 1,000 clients across all asset classes, and also Chief Executive of the £100 billion BlackRock Life Fund. Prior to that he was Head of Institutional Investments and Co-Head of Global Distribution at Henderson Global Investors, responsible for managing the capital of insurance companies, pension funds and sovereign wealth funds across the world. Mr. Kitts was a member of the Senior Management Team and a director of Henderson Alternative Investment Advisors and the AlphaGen Capital hedge funds. Earlier, Mr. Kitts was a JP Morgan Managing Director, responsible for institutional business and he was Chief Executive of JP Morgan Life. Mr. Kitts has a BSc. (1st Class Honours) in Mathematics and a PhD in Social Statistics, both from Southampton University. He is a Fellow of the UK Institute of Actuaries and of the UK Institute of Directors.

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Mr. Spencer is General Counsel at The Valesco Group and has a distinguished background, having spent his career to date in some of Europe’s foremost real estate legal practises, in particular at Ashurst, Stephenson Harwood and Simmons & Simmons. Having assisted The Valesco Group in its transactional activity for a number of years Mr Spencer brings a unique mix of existing internal and external relationships and know-how to the firm. He has also acted for numerous blue-chip property companies, REITs, international institutional investors, corporate occupiers and lenders over the course of his career. He has advised on asset management, investment, development, lending and large and often complex multi-jurisdictional corporate acquisitions across numerous sub-asset classes. In addition, Mr Spencer has a wealth of experience in complex restructurings, having advised on the real estate vertical of one of the largest insolvencies in UK history. His multi-faceted advice has spanned across multi-billions of real estate transactions throughout Europe. Mr Spencer holds a BA (Hons) Philosophy from the University of Bristol.

Michael Peacock

Mr. Peacock is Group Financial Controller at The Valesco Group and has close to a decade of experience in real estate asset management, audit, accountancy and tax. Prior to joining Valesco, he worked for Telereal Trillium, the largest privately owned property company in the UK with an AUM of £8 billion. During his tenure, he was involved in the asset management of a £1.4 billion portfolio of over 5,000 commercial properties across core/core+ and value add strategies. Prior to this, he worked for BDO LLP where he was a Manager in the Real Estate and Construction audit department and worked with blue-chip funds across multiple sectors of the property sector. Mr. Peacock is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales and graduated from the University of Cambridge with an MA in Philosophy.

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Mr. Innes is Financial Controller at The Valesco Group, and has more than a decade of experience in real estate asset management, audit, accountancy and tax. Prior to joining Valesco, he worked for Realstar Group, a privately owned real estate investment and asset management company with $6bn AUM. During his tenure, he was involved in the asset management of numerous real estate asset classes, as well as supporting corporate acquisitions and overseeing developments. Prior to this, he worked in the audit team for Haysmacintyre, where he gained experience across several industries including real estate and financial services. Mr. Innes is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales and graduated from the University of Birmingham with a MSc. Mathematics with Business Management.

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Mr. Portiche is an Associate at The Valesco Group. Prior to joining Valesco, he worked for LRC Group in Berlin, a privately held investment and asset management firm backed by institutional investors with €6bn assets under management. During his tenure at LRC, Mr. Portiche facilitated the close of €1bn of pan-European office and residential transactions, as well as being in charge of asset managing a French portfolio worth €360m. Prior to this, Mr. Portiche worked for Concorde Asset Management (now HOLD Asset Management), the largest independent asset management company in Hungary with $2bn of passive and active equity strategies under management. Mr. Portiche, a native French and English speaker who also speaks fluent Hungarian, holds a MSc. in Business and Finance from the University of International Business and Economics, Beijing, as well as a Double BA in Economics & Business and English & American Literature & Civilisation from the University of Paris X.

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Shulin Mao

Ms. Mao is a member of the Investment Team at The Valesco Group and her professional finance experience spans both real estate private equity and structured finance. Prior to joining Valesco, she worked for Castleforge Partners, a real estate private equity fund backed by American endowments and pension funds, which has invested over £500m in office and residential properties throughout the UK. Her area of focus has been on both the acquisition and asset management of value-added and core+ strategies. During her tenure at Castleforge Partners, she was involved in several portfolio investments across the private rented sector (PRS) and serviced office space. Prior to this, she worked for J.P.Morgan Capital Advisory team on structuring and underwriting structured debt financing solutions (including real estate financing, margin loans, bridge financing), totalling c.£300m. Ms. Mao holds a MSc. Real Estate Economics and Finance from London School of Economics (LSE) and BA (Hons) Economics from Durham University and has passed CFA Level III.

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Ms. Rees Williams is Office Manager at The Valesco Group, responsible for operations and infrastructure. Prior to joining Valesco, she worked at an award-winning international hospitality company within the Executive Team, where she managed the global headquarters across operations, finance and HR. Prior to this, she worked for a boutique executive search company, where she project-managed senior searches within the private equity and venture capital industries.Ms. Rees Williams holds a BSc. (Hons) Economics from the University of Birmingham.

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