Top 13 WordPress JobBoard Themes for 2021 | AtomChat (2023)

You're in luck if you're planning to build a WordPress-based job board. There are a lot of amazing job board themes out there, and with a little study, you may find one that is perfect for your project.

When it comes to choosing the best wordpress job portal theme, one thing to keep in mind is to make a list of prerequisites before you begin your search.

A job board site consists of an intuitive front-end design and a robust back-end to facilitate job postings, dynamic searches, resume submissions, discussion boards, and more.

Since WordPress has long been the first preference of businesses looking to build simple, intuitive, yet robust websites, in this article, we’ll look at the best job board themes available in WordPress to help you create top-notch career websites.

Best WordPress Job Board Themes in 2022

We have listed below the top job board WordPress themes for creating modern directory sites in 2022. They include themes that can be utilized in a variety of niches as well as a few niche-specific themes.

Look through them to see which one is perfect for your new job board site:

  1. Jobseek

Top 13 WordPress JobBoard Themes for 2021 | AtomChat (1)

A cleanly designed theme that is highly feature-rich, Jobseek provides you with SEO optimization, responsive design, personalization options, and many more capabilities. You also get an inbuilt payment gateway to facilitate simple purchases on your website.

Jobs will be displayed in a very orderly manner in the Admin UI. It's also possible to see a preview of a post before it's published.

Customers can review your business and express their thoughts on the service using a handy testimonial management system.

Stand-out features: The WordPress job board theme has an advanced sorting formula that allows for much smoother and easier browsing of job listings for job posters and potential applicants. The theme includes plugins like - WooCommerce paid listing, resume manager, wp job manager, application deadlines, job alerts, job listings that you can filter, job tags, and more.

Price: $39

  1. WorkScout

Top 13 WordPress JobBoard Themes for 2021 | AtomChat (2)

WorkScout is one of the better-looking job board WordPress themes on the market, in my opinion. It appears to strike the perfect balance between a practical layout, plenty of whitespace, and colorful splashes that bring your attention to what matters. WorkScout lets you start searching directly from the homepage, which is something that all of these themes should do.

WorkScout, like the other WP Job Manager-based themes, makes it simple for employers to post positions. With the option to submit a resume, save a job, and be notified of new listings, prospects may apply for available roles with ease.

It offers you all the minor and major elements you’d require for a completely functioning job board, including automated payments, advanced search, category-wise job listing, front-end entries, Google Maps integration, and more. In addition, the framework and organization of your directory site are highly customizable because of the powerful admin panel.

Stand-out features include: Job bookmarking, job alerts, WooCommerce paid listing, advanced filters, application management, Google Maps, SEO, and more.

Price: $79

  1. Jobify

Top 13 WordPress JobBoard Themes for 2021 | AtomChat (3)

Jobify is a higher selling job board WordPress theme for corporate job listings. Advanced search, location filtering, drag and drop abilities, and more - without compromising the website’s performance in load speed and page size. The theme comes bundled with useful themes and is search engine optimized.

Jobify shares the same aesthetic as the other themes on this list, with a full-width slider and recent and featured job listings. If you wish to change the layout of the homepage, you can do so.

You can charge for listings while still having the option to approve everything before it goes live with a few simple add-ons.

Finally, Jobify's usage of Sidekick makes the process of getting your site up and operating relatively simple. This feature could be a deciding factor if you're new to WordPress. It offers real-time interactive walkthroughs to help you get your site up and running quickly.

Stand-out features include: WooCommerce login, location-wise job filtering, Ninja form 3, WP job manager, Indeed integration, live job search, and more.

Price: $69

  1. JobCareer

Top 13 WordPress JobBoard Themes for 2021 | AtomChat (4)

JobCareer is a fantastic tool for webmasters who want to create a modern and professional-looking job board.

This job board WordPress theme includes useful plugins as well as fantastic, professional-quality template pages and websites that make the initial website construction, design, and set up a simple, drag-and-drop process.

JobCareer's reach is incredibly versatile thanks to features like geolocated job searches, job, and email alerts, and application deadlines. It is a fantastic tool for webmasters who want to create a modern and functioning job board.

There are also free job submissions and a fully functional WooCommerce payment system provided.

The integration of social apps is seamless, with unique buttons and icons, and useful application tracking functions keep users on top of their job offers and bids.

JobCareer comes with a lot of features and plugins, so you can be confident that you'll be able to build a complete and fully Responsive job portal, career platform, or recruitment or job advertising website.

Stand-out features include: Job notifications, geolocation search, email alerts, woo-commerce payment, free job submission, application deadline, resume manager, profile completion, and application tracking are some of the premium add-ons and plugins available.

Price: $69

  1. PetSitter

Top 13 WordPress JobBoard Themes for 2021 | AtomChat (5)

PetSitter is technically a theme for people wishing to find sitters for their animal pets, but you can also use it for other purposes after a bit of customization. For example, the theme allows you to monitor job listings using the known WP UI.

In addition, the PetSitter job board WordPress theme allows you to easily change any color or font and get different functionalities by integrating different job board-related plugins. Pet Sitter comes with a nice selection of post formats for displaying different types of content on your blog, including galleries, images, videos, quotes, and links.

Stand-out features include 40+ shortcodes, PSD design, WP job manager, job search in the slider, resume manager, job alerts, geolocation, region-wise job posting, and more.

Pet Sitter: $49

  1. Babysitter

Top 13 WordPress JobBoard Themes for 2021 | AtomChat (6)

Like PetSitter, Babysitter is a Job board WordPress theme technically aimed at developing job listing sites for nannies. Still, you can make it to suit any job posting website’s requirements with a little customization. BabySitter comes with several shortcodes that allow you to create different types of content.

The job posting can be done using front-end submission forms. Further, babysitters can post their profiles, including their photos and other important information, which can be viewed by those looking for a babysitter or nannies. Keep in mind that you can modify the usability of this theme as per your requirements!

Color palettes, interactive website elements, shortcodes, and typefaces are all appropriate for this type of business. Babysitter is designed to function in conjunction with the WP Job Manager plugin, allowing users to publish and answer job postings.

There's also a blog section for content and widgets for user profiles with the Babysitter Board WordPress theme, both of which are vital for developing confidence in your service.

Stand-out features include: WooCommerce social login, location filtering, Ninja Form 3, WP job manager, Indeed integration, live job search, and more.

Price: $44

  1. WPJobus

Top 13 WordPress JobBoard Themes for 2021 | AtomChat (7)

WPJobus is a comprehensive 3-in-1 responsive theme used as a job portal, a personal resume, or a company profile website. The WordPress job board theme allows you to search, filter, refine, and browse different entities like jobs, resumes, or companies. WPJobus can also be easily used as a powerful and visually appealing one-page resume theme to showcase all their skills, awards, education, etc.

Themes Dojo's WPJobus is a stand-alone job board theme that was nominated for "Best Job Board WordPress Theme." It's a beautiful theme with fantastic typography.

Among the features are:

  • Employers and candidates each have their own accounts.
  • A new registration box has been added to the top page.
  • Ability to add new jobs to a favorites list
  • Gravity Forms and Ninja are both compatible.

WPJobus is primarily a directory theme, but it can also be used as a personal resume site or a company profile site. Despite these possibilities, WPJobus excels at being a job board. Both job and resume searches can be filtered and refined by visitors. When it comes to jobs, Jobus has the most comprehensive job listing page accessible, with over 100 fields to choose from.

Stand-out features include: Front-end submission forms, AJAX filters, multiple use cases, different listings and sortings, WooCommerce pricing, social login, ability to apply with LinkedIn or CV, retina-ready, and more.

Price: $59

  1. FreelanceEngine

Top 13 WordPress JobBoard Themes for 2021 | AtomChat (8)

FreelanceEngine is an online marketplace that can help you expand your business. It's a WordPress freelancing marketplace theme with an escrow system and multiple payment API.

A FreelanceEngine theme is a wonderful option for freelance job seekers. Give this one a shot if you need to establish a job board or hire freelancers for your firm.

Freelancers can search for projects using keywords, related skills, job categories, location, compensation, and the number of active bids. They can also use their membership on your site to create profiles, apply for jobs, and post bids.

Your users will be able to view your site from any device, anyplace because the design is entirely responsive.

In terms of design, FreelanceEngine, the job board theme WordPress gives you the entire control over the color and layout of your site, as well as the ability to modify layouts using a drag-and-drop builder.


  1. InJob

Top 13 WordPress JobBoard Themes for 2021 | AtomChat (9)

InJob is one of the more used jobs listing themes available for the website, despite being relatively newer. InJob is highly content-intensive and enables you to monitor different job listing categories. In addition, the WordPress job board theme provides top-notch search capabilities as well as allows candidates to upload their CV and Cover Letter templates while applying for jobs.

It features fantastic panel/dashboard choices for both businesses and professionals. Injob is also social media-enabled, with social network login available.

Handcrafted features such as front admin reviews and email notifications are available through Injob. It also allows employers to control their apps.

Stand-out features include: The theme comes with Maps capabilities and other essential attributes. In addition, it includes efficient job search, shortlisting jobs, employer search, company profile, company reviews, real-time language translation, advanced filter, and more.

Price: $59

  1. Jobmonster

Top 13 WordPress JobBoard Themes for 2021 | AtomChat (10)

Jobmonster allows you to quickly design, develop, and manage your job posting sites and is one of the best WordPress job portal themes around. The theme provides easily tweakable and unrestricted color and shade options. In addition, you can do job postings on this theme based on various categories.

Every job that is intended to be published with JobMonster must first be reviewed by site management. This theme has a lovely design and may be used for both functional and aesthetic purposes.

Furthermore, the superb customer service team is always available to answer your inquiries.

Customers can expect complete accessibility without the need for programming knowledge or third-party help. The adaptable dashboard allows both the candidate and the company to manage anything at the front end.

JobMonster provides nine different homepage designs to choose from, as well as a powerful job search tool.

Stand-out features include: Advanced search abilities, private messaging capabilities between employer and candidates, bookmarking of job openings, job alerts, Indeed integration, ReCaptcha, WooCommerce, and more.

Price: $55

  1. Recruitment Agency

Top 13 WordPress JobBoard Themes for 2021 | AtomChat (11)

Recruitment Agency is a Bootstrap-based job board WordPress theme that is responsive, fast loading, and adaptable. It's ideal for companies and people who want their profiles to be publicized.

It's a hybrid of a directory and an application management system. The pages in the listings are divided into categories based on what you're looking for in a job or an application.

It allows you to create an endless number of portfolios and blog layouts. Files such as a CV or resume, as well as supporting papers, can be uploaded in a variety of formats.

The recruitment agency is developer-friendly; setting it up does not necessitate coding experience.

It makes use of the fantastic Essential Grid to organize parts, as well as maps for employment locations, Slider Revolution, and other tools. With Recruitment Agency, there are no boundaries!

Price: $64

  1. Cariera - Job Board WordPress Theme

Top 13 WordPress JobBoard Themes for 2021 | AtomChat (12)

Cariera knows her way around employment boards, statistics, and listings. With 12 homepages and a one-click trial import, you may give it a try. WPBakery builder is one of the several premium plugins used in the development of Cariera. (Easily adaptable!)

Furthermore, Cariera is a theme that may be used in practically any workplace circumstance. For the purchasing and translation parts, it uses WooCommerce and WPML, respectively.

Cariera is the ideal platform for companies and job seekers to connect. It also contains job search filters and CV submissions, as well as a child theme and forms built with Contact Form 7.

For job directory functionality, the Cariera theme has a comprehensive integration of "WP Job Manager." Auto location and region compatibility, four job board layouts, multiple homepage layouts, and user profiles are also featured. GDPR compatibility was added in the most recent release.

With Cariera, you may create the finest environment for job/employer searches!

Price: $79

  1. Careerfy

Top 13 WordPress JobBoard Themes for 2021 | AtomChat (13)

Careerfy is a WordPress all-in-one job board theme that may offer the most native functionality of any theme we've listed so far, which would explain the somewhat hefty price tag of $89. For that amount, you get all of the standard job board features as well as additional connectors to help you take your site to the next level.

In its services, Careerfy, for example, encourages recruiter-prospect communication. It connects with Zoom, a video conferencing tool, allowing candidates to arrange interviews in a calendar and create Zoom events for meetings without having to leave the website.

There's also a job search live chat tool, which allows recruiters to answer fast queries from candidates.

For your job board website, Careerfy allows you to load distinct panels for employers and candidates. This theme has the added benefit of being compatible with popular job feeds such as Indeed.

Finally, Careerfy contains over 15 website demos for various topics and layout preferences, so you don't have to worry about anything.



Top 13 WordPress JobBoard Themes for 2021 | AtomChat (14)

AtomChat is a must-have chat plugin on your job board website to let your users (employers and candidates) communicate in real-time. By installing the AtomChat plugin on your WordPress website, your users can also share documents such as resumes, cover letters, employment letters, etc.

The plugin also provides two layouts (docked and embedded) with a sleek and simple interface for easy navigation and better communication.

AtomChat makes adding text chat and video calling to your website simple. Whether you're creating an online community, a marketplace, a job forum, or a social network, AtomChat makes it simple to add essential features like text and video chatting.


Real-Time text chat, voice, and video chat - With AtomChat your users’ are enabled to text one another in real-time, not just that, but they can also get on a quick video or voice call for better and clearer communication.

Multilingual Interface - AtomChat provides real-time language translation, which allows your users to chat with one another regardless of language barriers.

White-Label Apps - The plugin provides white-label apps for your iOS or Android device. The app comes with your branding and logo and makes sure that your users never miss a chat or a notification even when on the go.

In conclusion

WordPress themes are available in abundance. Whatever type of website you wish to create, chances are, you’ll get a sufficiently helpful WordPress theme to aid you in the process. Likewise, when it comes to Job Board Themes, WordPress has a lot to offer. In the end, it’s all about knowing your requirements, weighing all the different options, and then making a choice based on what suits your needs the best.

All the themes listed above are perfect for getting started. However, if you’re still struggling with picking the best theme for you, we recommend you check out the demos of some of your favorite themes and explore them in-depth!

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