Top 20 Org Chart Templates To Showcase The Internal Structure Of Your Company (2023)

Top 20 Org Chart Templates To Showcase The Internal Structure Of Your Company (1)

Top 20 Org Chart Templates To Showcase The Internal Structure Of Your Company (2)

Parul Arya

Top 20 Org Chart Templates To Showcase The Internal Structure Of Your Company (3)

December 3 2020

Top 20 Org Chart Templates To Showcase The Internal Structure Of Your Company (4)0 Comment

Organizational Chart, Org chart, or Hierarchical chart! All these names with different synonyms do not need any elaborative intro. The meaning lies within its name that exemplifies the visual representation of the business layout. The org charts are a diagrammatic representation that gives viewers a clear snapshot of how the company’s internal structure is formulated.

The hierarchy charts are a great management tool that have been helping business leaders in several instances, to name a few: presentations, keeping track of headcounts, managing employees’ job roles. Org charts are widely used to illustrate the rankings of employees along with their designation. Irrespective of the company’s size, the chart aids in organizing the staff’s position from top to bottom. Org charts can also be a life-raft for new joiners to connect with their fellow staff members and fit well in a new business environment.

Well, creating a professionally-designed organization chart can be time-consuming and at times, turn out to be clumsy. What if you get a readymade org chart? We have come up with Top 20 Org Chart Templates. These templates have been designed with fine thought-process and impeccable research of our experts.

Let’s dive straight into the org chart templates!

Top 20 Org Chart Templates To Download And Use

Template 1:

The color shades used in this template will give weightage to your content and make it more recognizable. In this, you can see a lucrative image where a person is pointing to the org chart of his business. You can grab this template in just a few clicks and start personalizing it without wasting any extra minute.

Download Sample PPT Organizational Chart PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 2:

Showcase your teams’ roles and responsibilities systematically with this amazingly designed template. It contains a total of 9 slide designs that consist of aesthetic icons and graphics. You can download the slide instantly and describe the reporting structure of each division.

Download Organization Structure PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 3:

This template is best for you to bifurcate the duties of leaders from various departments. The slide is completely editable. So, you can modify it as per your business needs. To add more essence to your org chart, you can even add the images of your employees after their names.

Download Leader Team Organizational Chart Flat PowerPoint Design

Template 4:

The team adds value to your organization and accomplishes the business goals. So, use this org chart template to jot down the names of your business teams that leave an impact on your audience. By utilizing this slide, you can create an organizational chart effortlessly.

Download Business Team Organizational Chart Flat PowerPoint Design

Template 5:

Let your employees know about their responsibilities that help the business grow efficiently. Using this template, you can quickly display the names of your staff members along with their duties. For better understanding, you can also add their images alongside their names.

Download People Organization Chart For Business Flat PowerPoint Design

Template 6:

Represent your team members through their work roles with the help of this easily accessible org chart slide. You can easily download this template and fill in the details of your staff. Also, you can use the advanced features present in this slide to keep your content attractive.

Download Org Chart Employee Roles In Organization

Template 7:

Along with your name and description on the top, you can further showcase the professional description of your employees. This template helps you organize your hierarchy chart systematically and without any hassle.

Download Org Chart Business Team With Designation

Template 8:

Create a well-designed organizational chart for your company profile using this template. This slide consists of a blue colored background that makes your information look intact and professional. The alluring image present in the slide will hold your audience’s attention instantly.

Download Organization Chart For Company Profile Flat PowerPoint Design

Template 9:

This amazingly designed org chart template is all you need to introduce your business structure amongst the viewers. The monochromatic background with perfect icons used in this slide will make your content visually appealing.

Download Project Team Structure Org Chart

Template 10:

With this template, help your viewers understand the work and roles of your business team. The design of this org chart is aesthetic and fulfills all your business needs effectively. Modify the content and start personalizing the slide.

Download Org Chart Business Team Structure

Template 11:

This professionally designed organization chart is here to help you highlight the names and designations of your staff conveniently. The slide is perfect for presentations when you want to introduce your employees with the stakeholders.

Download Organizational Chart PowerPoint Presentation Slide

Template 12:

Use this org chart template to portray the structure of your management team. The color scheme and lucrative images designed in this template by our experts are amazing and interactive. You can quickly jot down your information in this slide and share it with the audience.

Download Management Organizational Chart PPT PowerPoint Presentation Infographics Icon

Template 13:

Utilize this template to make it easier for the new joiners to understand the structure of your organization. You can add colors, style, and fonts to your org chart to make it more unique.

Download Core Team Members Organizational Chart PowerPoint Slide Show

Template 14:

Employ this template and provide a clear illustration of working roles and relationships of your managers to the viewers. You can display the names and designation of employees from top to bottom hierarchies.

Download Seven Levels Managers Matrix Org Chart Template

Template 15:

Determine the matrix organization structure of your company by incorporating our readymade template. The color combination used in this org chart gives a modern look to your descriptions. You can also add an engaging backdrop to your chart to make it more interesting.

Download Matrix Organization Structure Of Company

Template 16:

Incorporate this chart into your presentation to showcase the organizational structure of all the departments. You can easily edit the content of this template and jot down your own information. From the top management team to executives, you can mention the names and duties of all in this org chart.

Download Org Chart With Multiple Departments And Icons

Template 17:

This multilevel hierarchy chart is here to assist you in portraying your team structure proficiently. You can add the names and position of each team member conveniently and communicate with the viewers how the team manages to accomplish a common business goal.

Download Multilevel Hierarchy Chart To Show The Structure Of Organisation

Template 18:

Take the help of this template to keep your organization chart simple yet professional. The diagram present in this slide will represent the names of your team members effectively. The org chart template comes up with ample space for you to tailor your business plan and requirements carefully.

Download Organization Chart PPT Infographics Pictures

Template 19:

Use this template to display the employees who rank at the top in your organization. This will help the new hires to know the senior most authorities in the company. You can adjust the icons as per your requirements.

Download Hierarchy Chart PPT Background Template

Template 20:

If you are an HR, this template suits you best to portray the names and position of your CEO or directors. Make sure to keep the content professional and interactive at the same time. The background in this slide is so creative that it holds the audience’s attention at once.

Download Flat Organization Chart Department Head And Managers

Don’t wait until the last minute to grab our engaging set of org chart templates. Just click on the slides, download them, and start showcasing your business structure. And yes, do not forget to share your experience with us in the comment section given below!

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