What is a Good Peloton Output? - [Complete Guide] (2022)

You are doing your workout consistently and want to know your progress. What is a good peloton output? You must know different factors and tips for increasing the output.

Let us discuss peloton output, factors that affect and different tips for increasing it.


What is a Good Peloton Output?

Output is the sum of two things. The first one is cadence, which means the number of cycles taken over minutes, and the second is resistance; this is the difficulty level you have set.

The unit of measurement for output is watt which increases when we increase the cadence and resistance. If you want to improve your power zone very much, your focus should be resistance because it influences output more than cadence.

Factors Affecting Peloton Output

There is no specific value for good peloton output, but it varies for each person and depends on its age, resistance, weight, and power zone. Let us discuss all the factors to know what a good peloton output is.

1. Weight

You can calculate your output on a peloton by watts versus kilograms, and the best output is 5.1 watts against your weight. Such a high result is challenging to achieve, and if you are a newbie, then 2 watts against your kilograms is also enough.

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A. Power zone

There are 7 different power zones, and the zone in which you reside is determined by taking a 45 minutes test known as functional threshold power. In it, your cadence is fixed, and you have reached out to that cadence within 45 minutes. Here is a brief description of 7 power zones. if cadence not working on peloton checkout our expert article about that.

Zone 1 ( active recovery)

It is best for those who are injured or in the old age of their life. In it, the functional threshold power is almost 55%.

Zone 2( endurance)

It is the best for beginners, and its FTP level is between 55-75%. It is effortless to maintain.

Zone 3 tempo

It is a bit higher challenge than zone 2, but easy for the mediocre, and its FTP level is 75-90%.

Zone 4( lactate threshold)

It is not easy to do such a strenuous workout; although you get tired, do not leave it in between but gather your courage, show your stamina and get over this zone.

Zone 5VO2max

If you are doing this and your FTP level is 105-120%, it means that now you are at the level of an expert.

Zone 6 (aerobic capacity)

The FTP should be 12-to 150% in this zone, and it is a challenging zone. Getting such high FTP is not easy, and in it, the position of the leatherboard doesn’t even matter.

Zone 7 ( neuromuscular power)

The requirement of the FTP is 150% in this, and if you have this zone, it means now you are master of the peloton as their nothing next to it.

3. Age

The output also depends on age, although age is just a number. You will see that an older man having age 80 will be performing better than the youngsters of age 24 years. In the past few decades, people were used to having a better lifestyle.

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But nowadays, youngsters do not engage themselves in any physical activity, lie down in bed all day, play video games and use social media.

Tips To Increase The Peloton Output

After having completed an idea of what is a good peloton output, you must want to know tips and tricks for improving your output. Following are few tips that must follow them.

1. Go For Help

The most important thing is to solve all your queries about the bike and do not keep anything in your mind. If there is any sort of question do not hesitate you can ask it, anyone.

If there is no one to solve your confusion, go the google and find the answers to your queries.

2. Bike Setting

The arrangement and setting of different bike parts also matter very much, and most of your performance depends on it. Two main factors are the height of the handlebar and seat.

So read the manual of the peloton or watch youtube videos and then set the height of the handlebar and your seat according to your height.

3. Peloton Shoes

People think shoes only matter when doing workouts other than equipment, but this mentality is wrong. Even if you use a peloton, then, too, shoe quality matters very much. So go to google and explore the best peloton shoes and buy one pair for yourself.

Best Shoes For Peloton Bike

Following peloton shoes will help you in getting the output you want. Let us discuss them.

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Peloton Cycling Shoes

The best shoes for peloton are manufactured by themselves and are worth buying. They have features like breathable material, soft pads, lightweight velcro straps, and ratchet clips. Thus you will feel comfortable with them and have an increased grip on the pedals.

Vitatalpa Men’s Cycling Shoes

They have a wide range of colors, have breathable mesh, are anti-slip, and, best of all, dry early; thus, you will not have to give much time to their cleanliness. But there is one con: they are expensive, so if you have enough budget, you must go for them.

Tommaso Women’s Pista And men’s Strada

You may find difficulty finding shoes of your size, but these are worth buying, and their unique feature is that their clips are of very high quality. You will feel very comfortable after wearing them and will be able to focus entirely on your workout.


They give you two years of warranty best of all available for both men’s and women’s sizes. They provide you high grip and make your peloton experience extraordinary. But their price is very high.

4. Self-Motivation

Workouts may seem easy, but they are not. You have to invest in them. While doing the exercise, you feel like giving up because of fatigue and exhaustion. Many people leave the peloton when they are near their goal.

So you will have to stay motivated and try your best never give before you achieve your daily set goal because small goals took you to the high goals and became the reason for your success.

5. Physical Strength

The second thing that will help you increase your output is to eat the foods that give your body energy and do not make you lazy. For example, after junk, our body slows down

Instead, take meals like dates, fruits, salads full of nutrients, and a balanced diet. These foods make us active and ready for the workout.

6. Resistance

If you have to increase your output, slowly increase the resistance and try to achieve your PR until the end of the workout session. When we raise the resistance, our PR is good at the start, but we start slowing down as time passes.

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So you try your best to maintain it till the end and increase your PR daily. This is how you will know what is a good peloton output and try to achieve it.

7. Power Zone Training

The power zone training is the best and fasted way of increasing the peloton output. When you perform it with all your courage and strength, then your TFT increases, and best of all, once you reach the power zone, you can easily attain the highest PR after it.

If you have a peloton, then search “discovers your power zone” and join it. It is a session of 5 weeks in which they have discussed all things you should know for attaining power zone.

8. Play Music

During the workout, you get bored, but if you play your favorite genre of sound in the background, you will not bore; instead, you enjoy yourself very much. Some people play fast music, then do their workout and enjoy the session very much.

9. Have a Healthy Competition

It is the age of social media where people post everything happening in their life, and it feels like there is competition for wealth on the one social media app. But it is not wrong from all aspects.

Just develop a healthy mind, and you can have healthy competition with your friends or fellows. Make sure it is healthy completion from which you are just getting benefits and your performance increasing.

Sometimes by the name of competition, we produce hate and jealousy for others which is very bad. If such thoughts ever create in your mind, leave competing as soon as possible.

Final Words

In a nutshell, age, weight, and power zone define the peloton output. It will help if you try consistently to increase your output and then maintain it. Your mental strength, diet, and self-motivation define your output.

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Similarly, focus on your comfort zone and take the guide from an expert for attaining high output. Thank you for your visit!


What is considered a good output on peloton? ›

What Is a Good Average Output For Peloton? Overall, the good average output on peloton is around 150 to 250 watts. However, those numbers need to be adjusted by weight. If you take into consideration the body weight, this will be 3.0 for males and 2.0 for females using the power-to-weight ratio formula.

What is a good average power output cycling? ›

Generally speaking, a beginner cyclist may average around 75–100 watts in a 1-hour workout. A fit participant will average more than 100 watts, and pro cyclists can reach 400 watts per hour.

Whats a good strive score for 20 minutes? ›

Peloton Strive Score chart
MinutesMinimum ScoreMaximum Score
4 more rows

What is a good Peloton total output for 30 minutes? ›

For most riders, their average Peloton Output for a 30-minute session sits between 180 and 250W. However, you will have a much higher Peloton Output if you join a more intense class, such as a high-intensity interval training session. A good Total Peloton Output for 30 minutes is between 300-480kJ.

Are 20 minute Peloton rides effective? ›

Focus On Effectiveness

Olivia suggests tapping in to any HIIT run on Peloton Digital. “High intensity interval training is where you alternate short bursts of high intensity efforts followed by short recoveries,” says Olivia. “It's the perfect workout to do when you only have 20 minutes or so.”

Does weight Affect Peloton output? ›

The Peloton output number is not based on weight of the user. The power output measures the effort used during the workout. It is a combination of your cadence and resistance numbers.

What is the 75 rule in cycling? ›

In order to increase your cycling wattage, it's best to follow the 75 percent rule. This training principle states that throughout the week, 75 percent of your cycle training should be done below 75 percent of your maximum heart rate (MHR).

Is 200 watts good cycling? ›

Is 200 watts good for cycling? As a maximum, all out effort the answer is no. 200 watts as sustained effort over 2, 3 or more hours, that is pretty good. It is not elite or pro level good, but an average person who cycles semi-regularly, should be able to hold 200 watts for 30 to 60 minutes.

Why is my strive score so high? ›

Your Strive Score will increase over the course of the workout based on the time you spend in different heart rate Zones. When you are in a floor workout or segment of class, you'll see that heart rate and Strive Score become the primary metric, rather than your cycling output.

Is a lower strive score better? ›

Once you've done a few workouts, an average strive score will show so you can use that to determine your effort - if your strive score is above your average, that means you worked harder during that workout. If it's lower, it might mean you took it a little easier.

What should my Peloton heart rate be? ›

Peloton follows CDC guidelines for target heart rate. “Target heart rate is [the number] 220, minus your age,” Dr. Haythe says. Using this equation, a 30-year-old's max target heart rate would be 190 beats per minute.

Is 200 a good output on peloton? ›

As a whole, the good peloton average output for 20 minutes is between 200 to 250 watts, depending on the type of class you take. Classes that are more strenuous like HIIT and Power Zone Max ride need greater resistance and cadence.

Does peloton get rid of belly fat? ›

Yes, Cycling Can Help With Weight Loss and Burn Belly Fat—Here's What to Know Before You Start Your Next Peloton Ride.

What is a good strive score for 30 minutes? ›

The Strive Score seeks to quantify heart rate over time. Even sitting still you'll generate a strive score value over time (at a rate of about 0.0048 points per second), as long as your heart is beating.
The Strive Score explained.
4 more rows
14 Jun 2021

What is a good Peloton output for 60 minutes? ›

In general, Depending on the type and intensity of class you take, the good peloton average output for 60 minutes is between 150 to 250 watts. On the other hand, A good peloton total output for a 60-minute ride will be between 450 to 700 kJ.

What is a good strive score for 30 minutes? ›

The Strive Score seeks to quantify heart rate over time. Even sitting still you'll generate a strive score value over time (at a rate of about 0.0048 points per second), as long as your heart is beating.
The Strive Score explained.
4 more rows
14 Jun 2021

Does your weight affect Peloton output? ›

The Peloton output number is not based on weight of the user. The power output measures the effort used during the workout. It is a combination of your cadence and resistance numbers.

Why is my Peloton output so low? ›

As a whole, To increase your peloton output and overall output score, try to spend big time out of the saddle and maintain resistance zones 70-80+ . These levels allow you to increase your per-minute output, which balances out your intro and rest minutes.


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