Where To Apply For Online Teaching Jobs | Master Teaching Online (2023)

This article will provide you with not only links of where to apply for teaching jobs online but also the qualifications and the equipment you will need. Having taught online and in person for over 15 years let me save you some time and effort finding your next job online.

You can find online teaching jobs on the following websites: job sites, online teaching specific sites, Universities, Community College or Vocational Training, Private Companies, Kindergarten to Grade 12 (K-12) and Non-Profit organisations. You could also deliver your own training courses online.

Here is what we will cover in this article:

  • Levels of Teaching
    • Tutoring (afterschool)
    • English Teaching
    • Kindergarten to Grade 12
    • University
    • Vocational Education and Training (VET)
    • Private Companies
  • General Job Websites
    • Indeed.com
    • Monster.com
    • Flexjobs.com
    • Teach Away
    • Higher Ed Jobs
  • What Qualifications Do I Need?
  • How Much Could I Earn?
  • What Equipment Do I Use?
  • Where To Find Support?

Now that you know where you could search for a teaching job online let’s get into the specifics of how you would do that.

Levels of Teaching

When you are applying for a teaching job online you need to know who the audience is that you will be teaching and what special requirements they may have.


There are many forms of tutoring online and you can apply directly to the tutoring websites. Some require you to have formal qualifications and some only require you to have the skill you are wanting to tutor.

Check out the requirements on the following websites for more information:



This website looks for people with formal qualifications like a Diploma, Bachelors or Phd that can teach in the following areas:

  • Business
  • Humanities
  • Languages
  • Maths
  • Sciences
  • Technology
  • Communication

IMPORTANT: You are required to have a valid working visa for the USA to apply for jobs on this platform.



This website has many more subjects you can teach as long as you can show competency in that particular subject through a formal qualification or vendor certificate.

(Video) BEST Online English Teaching Jobs for Beginners w/ Highest Pay 2021 | Home Based ESL Jobs

While there is a lot of competition on the website and sometimes it can be hard to find a tutor that suits you it is for students to get straight to your tutoring profile and request tutoring.

For more tutoring websites look at this article:

ARTICLE: The 12 best online tutoring services for 2020

Kindergarten to Grade 12 (K-12)

Since Covid-19 a lot of teachers are now teaching online. There was already an industry trend for moving other forms of training online but this has sped up one of the areas of teaching that may have been the last to come online. That is typical primary and high school teaching.

To find jobs for typical teaching positions they are still listed on the general jobs websites below.


Most universities now teach all postgrad courses and select undergrad courses online. Since the start of Covd-19 most universities were forced to take all courses online. The early universities to take content online and where you could apply could be found on Coursera or Edx.

You can either check on the University website for online teaching jobs or on the general job websites below.

Vocational Education and Training (VET)

For any education you do after highschool that is not at a university level you can do this through VET. In the USA and around the world they have different names from Technical Colleges, Community Colleges to Registered Training Organisations.

For more information about VET in your country and in general you can look at this link:

LINK: Wikipedia Vocation Education

The jobs for VET can be found on the website below.

Private Companies

There were a lot of companies already teaching online and the only way to find the jobs for those companies is to check their individual websites or the standard websites below. With private companies they may be more flexible about the qualifications required depending on what they need taught. Private companies are outcome and income focused.

(Video) Online English Teaching Jobs: Teach English Online & Make $500/Week



This is one of the USA’s biggest job websites and has over 250 million users a month and for more information about the company you can go here. To find specific online teaching jobs and the salary they are providing you can go to this link.

LINK : Indeed Online Teaching Jobs


This is another big job website in the USA and currently over 30,000 jobs listed for teaching online and related jobs at the writing of this article. To directly to those jobs you can click on the link below.

LINK: Monster Online Teaching Jobs

English Teaching

By far the largest amount of online teaching jobs is currently in teaching English to foriegn countries. This was even so pre Covid-19. So getting a qualification in TEFL as a Certificate, Diploma or Graduate Certificate or Diploma was a great way of travelling and working as you did so.

Some of these websites require you to have a valid USA working visa and some do not so always check into that before applying. Here are a couple of the bigger companies you could look at applying too.



One of the first on the market to provide foriegn English training where you can tutor a single child or a group of children through a Zoom type video call.



This is another popular teaching english to foreign school ages children platform online that you could apply too. This is specifically for children 5 to 12 years old living in China. For more information you can go to their website above.




This website brings together jobs from other websites into one easy to understand location and provides you with little icons on each job listing that help you decide between jobs in the list.



This is a well established website that not only provides the jobs but can also point you to training for gaining the skills to teach online. You can click on “Online Courses” on their website menu to see where you can go to get qualified.

Teach Away


This is another well established website that started with english teaching jobs online and has expanded to being a job board for all types of jobs teaching online. They have plenty of articles and resources that will tell you what qualifications you will need for teaching English online.

Higher Ed Jobs


This website was created purely for University level jobs and has the ability to search for specifically remote jobs where you can work from home. To save you some time I have provided this in link above.

What Qualifications Do I Need?

To teach online the short answer is you only need to know more than the people you are teaching. Each of the online teaching platforms has its own rules and requirements and you will have to check directly with them. If you are teaching at University, School or VET you need to at least have the qualification you are wanting to teach.

For more information check out this article:

ARTICLE: What Certification is Needed to Teach Online

What Equipment Do I Use?


Depending on what you are going to teach you may need optional pieces of hardware. Below you will find a brief explanation for some hardware that may be useful to you.

(Video) Teach Online: How to Get Started | Online Teaching Jobs

Laptop or Computer

The most important equipment when teaching online (regardless of the subject) is your laptop. It allows you to create, edit, and distribute your training content. You will also use it during classes and to conduct live meetings with your students.

Generally any computer less than 4 years old of around $500 will do for this style of training. For most training online an i3 or i5 Intel processor with 4 gigs of RAM with a solid-state disk (SSD) or 8 gigs so RAM with an older style hard drive is more than enough.

The required specifications of your computer are directly linked to the complexity of software you are planning on using. If you are going to perform multiple tasks at the same time then you might want to stick to the latter option (i5 Intel processor with 8 gigs of RAM and an SSD). Otherwise, you can complete all your tasks with a basic laptop (i3 Intel processor with 4 gigs of RAM).

NOTE: An equivalent AMD CPU is fine also so if cost is an issue this is a nice way to reduce your costs.

Webcam and Microphone

If you are going to have live training with your students or you wish to add sections of you explaining topics or ideas in your eLearning you will need at least a webcam and microphone. If you have never taught live online the article below will discuss some of the pros and cons.

ARTICLE: Teaching Live Online: The Pros and Cons

If you are using a laptop then it probably has an integrated microphone and camera. However, due to the poor quality of these two components I strongly advise against using them for teaching purposes. You should spend some extra money and buy a dedicated microphone and webcam.

If you want to see my recommendations in terms of dedicated webcam and microphone you should take a look at the Recommended Tools page of the one I currently use.

How Much Could I Earn?

If you are tutoring online you could expect $10 USD to $30 USD depending on what you are tutoring. For a salaried workers you obliviously get the salary and any benefits. If you create your own training course online you can earn as much as you sell your course.

For more information on ways you can teach online check out this article:

ARTICLE: How Can I Teach Online?

Where To Find Support?

There are many places you can go for help when you are teaching online such at Q&A websites, Facebook Groups, Social Media, Online Teaching Websites, Teach Subject Specific website and groups. These can be both online and in person.

(Video) 10 Best Online Teaching Jobs in 2022

For more information on where to find support look at this article:

ARTICLE: Where to find Support when Teaching Online?


Which is the best site for online teaching jobs? ›

15 Top Online Teaching Platforms
  • Chegg Tutors.
  • Tutor.com.
  • TutorMe.
  • Skooli.
  • Wize.
  • BuddySchool.
  • Verbling.
10 Mar 2022

Which online teaching platform pays most? ›

14 highest paid teaching jobs online
  1. Preply. Preply is an online language learning platform where students get to work with their preferred tutor at their own time and pace. ...
  2. VIPKid. ...
  3. Lingoda. ...
  4. SayABC. ...
  5. Qkids. ...
  6. DadaABC. ...
  7. Cambly. ...
  8. Italki.
18 Oct 2022

How do I become a live teacher online? ›

Here are a few of the best online lecture platforms for live streaming virtual classes and other educational content.
  1. Dacast. Take into consideration how many students will be using your platform and how many videos teachers will be creating. ...
  2. Panopto. ...
  3. Muvi. ...
  4. Hippo Video. ...
  5. Kaltura. ...
  6. Zype. ...
  7. Cincopa.
26 Sept 2022

How do I become an online TEFL teacher? ›

In order to teach English online successfully, you'll need a TEFL certificate, a laptop with a webcam, and a fast and reliable Internet connection. A 4-year college degree is recommended but not mandatory. Finally, native English proficiency is expected from employers.

Can I teach online with no experience? ›

Requirements: Everyone all over the world can become a Cambly teacher. There are no special requirements—not even teaching experience. The application process is actually more concentrated on how good your internet connection is, and the quality of your devices.

Which app is best for teacher job? ›

Top Apps For Teachers and Educators
PocketHaiku deckDuolingo
Quizizz: Plan to LearnEdXEvernote
Study Blue Flashcards & QuizzesEdu CreationsSlack
LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard AppZOOMPlanboard
23 Oct 2020

Where I can teach online and earn money? ›

There are many learning platforms where you can register, teach online, and earn money.
Some of the best platforms for teaching are:
  • Chegg.
  • Byju's.
  • Vedantu.
  • Unacademy.
  • Khan Academy.
  • Skill Share.
  • Udemy.

Which teaching position pays the most? ›

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), some of the highest paying careers in education are education administrators. In fact, elementary, middle and high school principals earn an average yearly salary of $95,310. The average annual wage for secondary teachers is $62,860.

Is Vipkid still hiring 2022? ›

This company is no longer hiring online teachers due to recent changes in China. However, you can choose to look at the helpful links below instead: List of Non-Chinese Online ESL Companies – featuring companies such as, Cambly.

Can I teach online with a master's degree? ›

While a master's degree can qualify you to work as an online professor at some private and community colleges, most major universities prefer professors who have doctorates. Online professors usually earn their doctorate in a subject specific to their area of interest.

What qualifications do you need for online teaching? ›

An online teacher typically must possess:
  • English proficiency.
  • A college degree.
  • Background in teaching or working with kids.
  • Proficiency and comfort with computers and online technology.
  • Experience or training with online course management platforms, such as D2L, Canvas, Blackboard, or Angel.
31 Aug 2022

What is the average salary of a online teacher? ›

Online Teacher salary in India ranges between ₹ 0.7 Lakhs to ₹ 7.5 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 3.0 Lakhs.

Can I teach online without TEFL? ›

Just remember, a TEFL certificate is a requirement for most reputable online teaching jobs. If you're ready to explore some opportunities, check out our online teaching job board today.

Do online TEFL jobs pay well? ›

While teaching English online salaries depend on your qualifications and the specific job, you can expect to make anywhere from $10-$25 USD/hour (and sometimes more).

How much is a TEFL certificate? ›

You know you need it, but how much does TEFL certification cost? Prices vary depending on some key factors, but expect to pay about $200 for very minimal online certification and closer to $400-$500 USD for online certification of enough hours (at least 120) to qualify for most TEFL/TESOL jobs.

Do online teachers pay well? ›

Does teaching English online pay well? Generally speaking, online English teachers typically make anywhere between $10 - $40 USD per hour depending on their level of qualification. If you're a first-time English teacher with a TEFL certification, you will likely be making $10-$20 per hour to start.

Is teaching online worth it? ›

As people increasingly look to work remotely, teaching English online is a legitimate career. It's also an excellent opportunity for those who are teaching English abroad to get side-work and to work full-time while living overseas or traveling. Rewarding and flexible, teaching English online is definitely worth it!

Can you teach online with a phone? ›

Teachers are no longer limited to teaching in the traditional brick and mortar classroom; they can use their mobile phone to share information at any time, anywhere.

Where is the best place to look for teaching jobs? ›

And without further adieux — here is Certification Map's list of the best 10 teacher job sites.
  • ihireelementaryteachers.com open_in_new: ...
  • teacherjobs.com open_in_new: ...
  • Teachers.net Job Center open_in_new: ...
  • K-12 jobs open_in_new: ...
  • Education Week Top School Jobs open_in_new: ...
  • Great Teacher open_in_new:
21 Jun 2020

Which is the best application for online classes? ›

  1. Zoom(Android& iOS) The first app for online classes is Zoom which works in Android and iOS effectively. ...
  2. MyHomewor (Android & iOS) ...
  3. BuddyBoss (Android and iOS) ...
  4. Notion(Android & iOS) ...
  5. Dropbox (Android & iOS) ...
  6. Todai (Android & iOS) ...
  7. Remin (Android & iOS) ...
  8. Quizlet (Android & iOS)

What software do online teachers use? ›

Google Classroom – for a free LMS

Google Classroom brings together all its standard G Suite tools— like Docs, Sheets and Hangouts—to help you seamlessly manage and deliver virtual teaching. Price: free with a G Suite for Education account. Upgrade to a paid G Suite Enterprise for Education account for premium tools.

How can I make $10000 a month? ›

Ways How To Make a Month $10,000 Without Much Capital
  1. Share your expertise. Are you an expert woodworker? ...
  2. Teach online courses. ...
  3. Sell other people's products. ...
  4. Profit from your crafts. ...
  5. Design and sell merch. ...
  6. Start a podcast. ...
  7. Market other people's products. ...
  8. Send emails.

Can you teach online full time? ›

You can do this! Teaching English online has many benefits and it is a great time to get into the industry. Becoming a full-time online English teacher is totally possible.

How much should I charge to teach online? ›

As the demand for private tuitions grows so does the supply for private tutors who consider themselves as freelance teachers. Tutors in Mumbai, India charge around an average of 1500 rs. for each class which lasts for a duration of one hour, the rates are set by the tutor depending on several factors.

What type of teacher is most in demand? ›

Which teaching subject is most in demand? While specific needs vary by institution, science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) are subjects that are always in high demand.

Where do teachers get paid the most 2022? ›

Pennsylvania, California and New York have the highest average teacher salaries in the country, compared to all other occupations.

Which state has the lowest teacher salary? ›

Mississippi has the lowest average teacher salary of $45,574, followed by West Virginia with $47,826. The other states with average teacher salaries under $50,000 a year are New Mexico, Florida, South Dakota, Kansas, and Arizona.
Teacher Pay by State 2022.
StateTeacher Salary
South Dakota$49,761
48 more rows

Why is VIPKid shutting down? ›

What Happened to VIPKid in 2021? VIPKid, a leading force in the edtech space, originally served as a platform connecting Chinese students with Native English-speaking tutors. However, from July 2021, the Chinese government enforced a crackdown on companies offering tutoring services from abroad.

How hard is it to get hired by VIPKid? ›

VIPKID is admittedly strict when it comes to their teacher requirements – while you might see some of their competitors hiring blindly and without defined criteria, VIPKID has earned the reputation of being very thorough and hands-on with their screening process and has requirements for everything from a teacher's ...

What qualifications do you need for VIPKid? ›

What are the 10 VIPKid Requirements You Must Meet?
  • Bachelor's Degree (Any Field) ...
  • 2 Years of Experience Working With Children. ...
  • Work Authorization in US or Canada. ...
  • Not a Resident of California, New York, or Washington. ...
  • Pass a Background Check. ...
  • Reliable Internet. ...
  • Device/System Requirements.
3 Sept 2021

Is it worth getting a masters in teaching? ›

If you're an educator or aspiring educator, you may wonder about the value of an advanced degree and how it could help to advance your career. While it's true that a master's in education often leads to a higher paycheck, it also offers a wealth of professional and personal advancement.

How do I teach with a Masters degree? ›

When you teach with a master's degree, you'll need to apply for jobs that are in your field. For instance, if your master's degree is in literature, apply for a job teaching composition. If your degree is in biology, apply for a job in the science department.

Do online Masters degree have value? ›

“It depends”

Quality, in online classes, in technical support, and in networking opportunities, appears to be key in whether or not experts, and students, believe an online master's degree is worth the price tag.

Is online teaching a career? ›

Online teaching offers job opportunities for a wide range of educators, from elementary school teachers to college professors. Online education jobs can be either full-time or part-time. If you're a qualified teacher with experience in a classroom setting, then online teaching could be your next big career move.

Is online teaching stressful? ›

In a recent study conducted by Hero [24], 74% of teaching staff reported significant stress from their struggle with adapting to teaching online, and 40% considered leaving their job.

Do online teachers work from home? ›

1. Online Teacher. For teachers who still love the job, but want to work at home, online teaching offers opportunities for every focus. Some virtual teachers focus on home-school students, for example, while others might focus on adult learners or corporate training programs.

How difficult is the TEFL course? ›

Generally speaking TEFL is not hard to pass. Face-to-face courses generally have interviews and strict admission requirements so if it is not likely to complete or pass the course, they will not be admitted in the first place.

How long does it take to get TEFL certified? ›

Typically, a fully accredited TEFL certification course will last anywhere from 4 weeks to 6 months. Shorter, 4-week long courses will generally run full-time (30-40 hours per week) and are very demanding.

How do I get a TEFL job with no experience? ›

How can I get a TEFL job with no experience?
  1. Get TEFL qualified. ...
  2. Make sure your CV is up to scratch. ...
  3. Apply for vacancies listed on TEFL jobs sites. ...
  4. Send your CV proactively to language schools. ...
  5. Go to where you want to teach. ...
  6. Use a TEFL recruitment agency. ...
  7. Get some TEFL experience.
19 Jan 2022

Is 120 hour TEFL enough? ›

When searching for a TEFL course, many students ask 'is a 120-hour TEFL certificate enough to teach in a classroom or online?' . It may not feel like enough time to become a qualified teacher, but we can assure you that it is. 120 hours is the bare minimum that most ESL employers will ask you to complete.

Which country pays TEFL teachers the most? ›

Generally speaking, the highest paid TEFL jobs can be found in these countries:
  • UAE. Average salaries: US$3,500 – 5,000 per month. ...
  • Japan. Average salaries: US$2,000 – 4,000 per month. ...
  • Saudi Arabia. Average salaries: US$3,000 – 4,000 per month. ...
  • Hong Kong. ...
  • Kuwait. ...
  • Oman. ...
  • South Korea. ...
  • Taiwan.

Can you get a job with just a TEFL certificate? ›

In many countries, having a TEFL certificate and being a native-English speaker are enough to get a job teaching English abroad, no degree required. You do not need professional teaching experience, a teaching license, a degree in education or even a college degree to teach English abroad.

Which TEFL certificate is best? ›

Best TEFL Certification Programs of 2022
  • Best Overall: International TEFL Academy.
  • Best Online Program: Premier TEFL.
  • Best Budget-Friendly Option: ITT.
  • Best for Student Support: TEFL Org.
  • Best Hybrid Program: ITTT.
  • Best for Specializations: Teach Away.
  • Best for Overseas Job Placement: TEFLPros.
  • Best for Online Teaching: i-to-i.
25 Oct 2022

Does TEFL certificate expire? ›

Not only does a TEFL certification not expire, it's also accepted worldwide.

Which level of TEFL is best? ›

The highest of all of the TEFL qualification levels, a DELTA is equivalent to a master's degree.

Where can I teach online and get paid? ›

You must also have obtained a 4-year degree from a university in any field.
  • Tutorabc.
  • Qkids Teacher.
  • ITutor.
  • Amazing Talker.
  • Tutorlanding. Cambly.
17 Aug 2022

Which teaching method is best for online teaching? ›

Following are the most effective pedagogical strategies:
  • Presentations. Presenting the content for study is used both in classroom teaching and in types of online education. ...
  • Online Whiteboard. ...
  • Live Online Classes. ...
  • Pre-Recorded Video Lectures. ...
  • Flipped Classroom. ...
  • Game-Based Teaching. ...
  • Class Blog.

What platforms do online teachers use? ›

Udemy is one of the most popular platforms to teach online. A lot of prestigious Universities and colleges have collaborated with Udemy to offer some lively and engaging online courses. Udemy also provides online degrees through its platform.

How can I get a teaching job with no experience? ›

How to get your first teaching job with no experience
  1. Express your passion. ...
  2. Demonstrate your transferable experience. ...
  3. Show that you're tech-savvy. ...
  4. Advance your teaching knowledge. ...
  5. Project a growth mindset. ...
  6. Decide which grade you want to teach. ...
  7. Practice common teaching interview discussion points. ...
  8. Prepare for a demo lesson.

What skills do I need to teach online? ›

Five Skills Online Teachers Need for Classroom Instruction
  • Communication skills. An online learning environment requires clear, concise instruction. ...
  • Technological literacy. ...
  • Time management skills. ...
  • Assessment and evaluation skills. ...
  • Teaching students to apply the concept.

What are the 5 methods of teaching? ›

Here are five strategies that proved to be extremely effective in my classroom.
  • Student-Centered Discussions. ...
  • Making Connections. ...
  • Increased Autonomy. ...
  • Building Relationships. ...
  • A Focus on Literacy.

What app do teachers use to teach? ›

Some of the most popular apps for teachers include Google Classroom, Quizlet, and Khan Academy. Google Classroom is a free app that allows teachers to create and manage digital classrooms. Quizlet is a flashcard app that can be used for studying and review.


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